New Item for the Menu

17/05/12 7:36 PM

Open-Face Oefs Croque Monsieur

Here is a new item we are adding to our breakfast menu! It’s an Open-Face Oefs Croque Monsieur. It is made with thick slices of toasted and buttered French Bread with Dijon Mustard, Swiss Cheese, Parmesan Cheese, Virginia Baked Ham, Tomato and topped with an Over-Easy Egg. Yum!

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23 Comments on “New Item for the Menu”

  1. wow, that looks delicious! Your food looks amazing. Do you have pictures of your plantation that I’m missing? Thank you so much for the Like and Follow 🙂

  2. Thank you! We have not put any of our plantation information or pictures up yet. We are in the final stages of completing business contracts and getting them signed. Once the legal stuff is done, we can announce the information. Please check back for the big reveal! This house is beautiful and historic. I look forward to reading more of your blog!

  3. janjoy52 Says:

    Yummmm! Beautiful presentation”-)

  4. Thank you! I’m working on it.

  5. dcwisdom Says:

    Ohhhh…Yum! It’s nearing 5 a.m. here.

  6. Thank you! It was very good and very simple to make. Our son cleaned up the last of it at midnight.

  7. Pierotucci Says:

    OMG – I need to reserve now!! even if it is only for breakfast – that looks stupendous!

  8. Thank you! We look forward to filling your tummy soon! Please check back for the big reveal coming soon!

  9. chrisstov Says:

    Yum Yum

  10. Thank you! It was!

  11. jparkhurst07 Says:

    This looks delicious!!

  12. Thank you! It was so good!

  13. Pat Says:

    Yes indeed-yum!! Woo I’m hungry!! 😀 😀

  14. Haha hands down you have the best comment today! You’ll have to come see us so we can share some good food!

  15. Pat Says:

    That sounds good!! Hahaha

  16. We’ll keep the light on!

  17. This looks delicious!

  18. Thank you! It was very good! Sadly my son got the last of it at midnight.

  19. grayandden Says:

    Thanks for visiting our new blog “Vidlinhousekitchen” and posting a like! Love your story, great photos and menu!

  20. Thank you! We look forward to reading more from your blog too!

  21. Mouth watering!!

  22. Thank you! I love your recipe for the mushroom stuffed tomatoes. We are going to have a Wine and Cheese Reception each evening and that would be a great menu item to add! Thank you!

  23. Thanks I am glad you liked it.