Springtime in Williamsburg

16/05/12 11:51 PM

One of our favorite places to go and visit for the day is Williamsburg, Virginia. Here are some Springtime photos from our last trip there.

(hint- our bed and breakfast isn’t in Williamsburg)

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54 Comments on “Springtime in Williamsburg”

  1. f-Stops.net Says:

    Nice photos, love the cat at the window.

  2. Thank you! We had a laugh about the cat. He was guarding the kitchen garden just outside the window.

  3. Danny Says:

    These are such beautiful photos!

  4. Thank you! I’m not much of a photographer, but I get luck every now and then. I can’t wait to share the photos we have of our historic home! Please check back for the big reveal! They will take your breath away!

  5. bonniehull Says:

    Beautiful…loved WIlliamsburg even tho it was oddly commercial…look forward to eventually (?) seeing your B&B??

  6. Thank you! Williamsburg is a bit commerical, but we still enjoy going and taking a breather. We are in the final stage of complete the contracts for the house and once we sign them, we can share the photos we have of it. Please check back for the big reveal! The house is very beautiful and historic!

  7. Stefan Says:

    a wonderful blog ! Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures with us . I add you to favorite links

  8. Thank you! We are so excited to share this journey. This house has such a wonderful history and we can’t wait to reveal it once we have all the legal stuff out of the way! Thank you for adding me to your favorite links!

  9. ElStellino Says:

    Wow, that’s a splendiferous place!

  10. Thank you! Williamsburg is beautiful in the springtime!

  11. chrisstov Says:

    Hi. Lovely flowers. Like the cat in the window.

  12. Thank you! The flowers were beautiful and the cat was guarding the kitchen garden we were in. It was great fun and a greater breather!

  13. Lovely site, and photos. I lived in VA for a short time and loved it.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Much appreciated.

  14. Thank you! I enjoyed yours as well! Please check back for the big reveal! We can’t wait to share this beautiful and historic home!

  15. Thea Says:

    Cant wait to see it!!

  16. Hey!! Nice to “see: you!! Thanks!

  17. Melinda C Says:

    I adore Colonial Williamsburg. We will definitely visit your B & B on our next trip. Can’t wait for your unveiling!!

  18. Thank you! We are dying to share ours! Williamsburg is great place to go and relax. Great sights and good food. Looking forward to revealing it soon. Just have to get through the legal stuff.

  19. Spring in VA is so pretty! We lived in Fairfax County for awhile and one of my favorite activities was walking along the converted W and OD Trail when the air was soft and flowers were blooming! Thank you for finding my blog and liking my Easter post…otherwise I might not have had the pleasure of reading yours!

  20. Thank you for stopping by ours! We can’t wait to really share this house when we finally get to reveal it. Just need to get through the legal stuff. Loved your blog! Can’t wait to read more! We love Virginia too. I’m from South Carolina and he is from Ohio. So Virginia is a happy in between!

  21. vspain Says:

    Beautiful photos! I visited Williamsburg many years ago as a child- I’ve never forgotten the trip. Thank you!

  22. Thank you! We love going to Williamsburg too. It is so relaxing. But if you like Williamsburg, you’re going to love where we are going from here! Check back for the big reveal!

  23. Pat Says:

    “Beautiful”!!! Thanks so much for your visit I do so appreciate you.
    Love you 😀

  24. Thank you! Look forward to seeing more of your blog too! Don’t forget to check back for the big reveal! This house is beautiful and historic!

  25. Thanks for your like on my “House” photo on super secret thing.

  26. Thank you! We can’t wait to reveal our house. It is beautiful and very historic!

  27. And I love all the architectural shots on your site. Especially the ones with ivy and spanish moss.

  28. The Spanish Moss was in Mansfield and New Orleans. We tried to bring some back here, but the birds took off with it before it could take hold. Wait until you see the architectural shots we have of the B&B! This house is something to see!

  29. These pictures are beautiful. I love flowers and these are just over the top gorgeous 🙂

  30. Thank you! I love taking pictures of flowers. I have some from Monticello a couple of years ago. Most of my pictures are of flowers and veggies from there. We are hoping to have that same beauty at our B&B.

  31. throve Says:

    Lovely photos. Would have completely missed the cat if someone hadn’t pointed it out. Oh to have a garden like that! 🙂

  32. Thank you! I know what you mean! I hope we have that kind of garden once we get the grounds finished at our plantation!

  33. throve Says:

    Here’s to lots of hard work with spades and digging but also to the rewards at the end with anywhere 5 o’clock mint julep. Cheers! 🙂

  34. Haha… thank you for making me smile with that one!

  35. throve Says:

    You’re welcome and I look forward to hearing about what you do next.

  36. So beautiful!! I love Williamsburg and have been there often with my family. So many happy memories!!

  37. Thank you! We love it too! If I’ve had a bad week I can go there and it seems all better.

  38. 🙂

  39. dcwisdom Says:

    I’ve only been to Williamsburg once in my lifetime and loved it! Gorgeous! Love the picture of the arbor. I want one. Thanks for visiting and liking. I hope you’ll come back.

  40. Thank you! I look forward to reading more of your blog! I love Williamsburg in the Springtime! The only think better is Fall in Williamsburg. : )

  41. Great shots. The cat reminds me of our cat Pickles. We’re in Williamsburg at least once or twice a year and love it down there.

  42. Thank you! The cat was so sweet. We love Williamsburg too. It’s a great place to relax.

  43. What a beautiful place!

  44. Thank you! It is a wonderful place to go during any season!

  45. Gosh – such an English garden! Love the 4th pic in – foxgloves and comfrey in the border. Had no idea VA was quite so like home. Comfrey grows wild here (I live in Transyvlania now) and I’ve brought over a foxglove and some oak seedlings to see if they will thrive here in the mountains.

  46. Well Williamsburg started out as a British Colony so I am sure that they brought a lot of the feelings from home. Our grounds at our plantation is pretty much a clean canvas so we hope to be able to achieve that same feeling. Most of the grounds have over ground and be striped of all shurbs and flowers. I loved that Foxgloves too and have plans to add them somewhere on in our plan. I really like you bottle pictures too! I like how it reflex a bottle in the water making it look as if it is more than just one bottle. I guess you can say we are never alone.

  47. twisterfish Says:

    My son goes to school in Williamsburg — I love visiting him down there and taking in all there is to see. It’s a lovely area.

  48. Thats great! Our daughter is finishing up some of her general studies and is hoping to transfer to William and Mary soon. I had to go to their library for some research on this house. Really nice campus and I love the way they made it look “colonial”. Doesn’t hurt that it is close to Merchant Square either!

  49. Mary Lou Says:

    I live in Williamsburg so enjoyed your post. Thanks for the like on mine.
    Also grew up in Ky so am familiar with juleps even though I don’t drink them.good luck in your adventure.

  50. Williamsburg is such a wonderful place! I use to live in Ky too, but I was too young then to know what a mint julep was. I did’t try one until our trip last October to New Orleans.

  51. Very pretty!

  52. Thank you! We love Williamsburg. It such a beautiful place and so relaxing!

  53. Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful!

  54. Thank you! We love Williamsburg. It is my escape sometimes.

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