The Beds Are Finally Here!

Jul. 18th 2013


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12700 Old Buckingham Road • Midlothian, Virginia • 23113-2818


After what seemed like forever, our final beds, mattresses and box springs have all made it!

We are now one step closer to being ready to open!


Early Eastlake High Back Walnut Queen Bed with a Latex Foam Mattress


The Foot Board is just a beautiful as the Head Board!


The detail of this bed is just amazing!


The Conway Room now has a Tempurpedic Mattress on its Rare 1830 Acorn Poplar Tester Bed!


And we have a new piece in the Conway Room! It is a 172o High Boy Chest!


With a secret drawer!


The Turner Room now has its 1860 Half Tester Bed with a Latex Foam Mattress. The Half Canopy was don’t delivered so the seamstress can make the curtains for it.


The Head Board is so beautiful!


And the Turner Room may have a new piece soon! This is an Early 1800s Baltimore Sattee. It is believed that Jerome Bonaparte, brother of Napoleon, proposed to Betsy Patterson on it. We are discussing the purchase.

But we think it would be great in the “Bridal Suite”.

What do you think?


The Madison Room has its Tempurpedic Mattress now too!

We also received 16 pillows for the bedrooms

4 for each room – two sets of High Profile and two sets of Low Profile

We are getting excited! Opening day is coming soon!

To see what we are up to at Belle Grove

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Which would you choose?

Aug. 14th 2012

If given a choice of these beds,

Which one would you choose to sleep in?

French Canopy
Possible Bed Style for
The Madison Suite

Half Tester
Possible Bed Style for
The Turner Suite

How would you like to sleep in one of these beds at our 221 year old Southern Plantation

for FREE?

On August 25, 2012

We will be drawing for our

Free Weekend at Belle Grove Plantation!

Don’t miss your chance to win a free weekend and get a chance to possible sleep in one of these elegant beds!

Check out our page under the “About Us” for details!

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O bed! O bed! delicious bed!

May. 21st 2012

“O bed!  O bed!  delicious bed!  That heaven upon earth to the weary head.” 

 Thomas Hood

 As we start working on gathering the furnishings for our bed and breakfast, the first thing that came to mind was the bedrooms. More important, the bed. The bed is the anchor piece of the room. From it all other pieces will be selected and the overall impress as you walk in the room will come from it. So it is very important to choose the right bed for whatever statement you want to make for that room.

With this in mind, we started looking closely at beds about seven months ago. The plantation has four bedrooms, two master suites upstairs and two junior suites downstairs. The first thing we decided was the names we wanted for each room. Those came around August or September of last year. We had been doing a lot of research on the history and families that called this plantation home, so we decided to name each of the rooms in honor of those families who worked to create the plantation we know today. (I can’t tell you the names just yet because it would be a dead giveaway of where this house is and what the name is. Legal stuff… Argh!) The one thing we decided as far as furnishings was to create each room as a step back into that family’s time period. But we also want the room to have that “Wow” impression when you walk in. So as we looked, we tried to keep both ideas in mind. Thank goodness we decided to work with an interior designer. I would never be able to do this on my own!

So we wanted to share with you some of the beds that have fueled our inspiration. They are from all our travels as we researched other plantations and their decor. I can’t say these are going to be what we have, but you can see what we are shooting for.

Nottoway Plantation Louisiana

Houmas House Plantation Louisiana

Destrehan Plantation Lousiana

Berry Hill Plantation Virginia

Nottoway Plantation Louisiana

Houmas House Plantation Louisana

Destrehan Plantation

Berry Hill Plantation Louisiana

Houmas House Plantation Louisiana

Nottoway Plantation Louisiana

Detreshan Plantation Louisiana

Nottoway Plantation Louisiana

“The bed has become a place of luxury to me!  I would not exchange  it for all the thrones in the world.”      

Napoleon Bonaparte

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