Meet one of the Staff Members

20/05/12 9:16 PM

It is our pleasure to introduce one of our Bed and Breakfast staff members, Hurley, our Golden Retriever. Hurley has applied and has been accepted as the Resident Plantation Dog. Hurley has been with us now for seven years and is a valued member of the family.

Hurley’s personality makes him the perfect Resident Plantation Dog.

Hurley is open and friendly. He is eager to greet everyone.

Hurley is known to be a very good listener (he can even spell).

Hurley is a great model for holiday photographs.

Hurley feels deeply and can sense when you need a friend.

Hurley loves good humor and smiles endlessly.

We look forward to having Hurley join us at the Plantation. However, Hurley will only be there part time. We share joint custody of him with our son. So Hurley will spend a week with our son and a week with us at the Plantation. We hope when you visit us, that you will have a chance to meet this extraordinay member of our staff.

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61 Comments on “Meet one of the Staff Members”

  1. Your puppy is gorgeous!!! Thanks so much for your kind words about my tart. I hope that you like it. I suggest making the crust a little thinner. Maybe make 2/3 instead of the full amount of dough. Anyway, let me know if you like it… Can’t wait to see the plantation in it’s fullness!

  2. Thank you! I look forward to seeing more on your blog!

  3. elle Says:

    Good dog, Hurley! <3

  4. Haha he is a good dog. I just wish he thought he was a dog. He thinks he’s human.

  5. kitaiya Says:

    thanks for liking my post 😀 i know its kinda weird to say it here tho :”)

  6. Haha. Its a great way of meeting people and connecting to those with like interest. Love you blog. Any thing food is always good!

  7. kitaiya Says:

    If you’re interested in any dish in my menu just tell me i’ll try to write it in English then u can try to cook it at home 😉

  8. What a beautiful dog!

  9. Thank you! We love him.

  10. tmayeux20 Says:

    Don’t you just love it when a dog smiles….almost as good as a child’s laugh.

  11. Yes we do love it. And Hurley seems to smile all the time!

  12. grayandden Says:

    Hurley is indeed a bonnie dog!

  13. he looks so sweet…especially in the 3rd picture, love it…:-)

  14. Thank you! He is very sweet.

  15. Thank you liking my “Frittatta” Post. Hurley is adorable! I love the garden photos, breathtaking! Can’t wait to see more. 😀

  16. Thank you! We love Hurley, he thinks he is one of the kids. We can’t wait to share the rest of the pictures soon! I look forward to reading more of your blog!

  17. Oh my word…he is adorable, with a capitol “A.” I have always wanted a Golden! He makes a great addition to your B & B! Thank you for stopping by Prideinphotos today!

  18. Thank you! We think he will be a lot of fun at the plantation!

  19. Eleenie Says:

    A valued member indeed. He’s adorable!

  20. Thank you! We love him. He is my son and husband’s best friend.

  21. What a great dog.

  22. Thank you! We kind of like him. : )

  23. Such a sweet, welcoming face! A perfect match for his beautiful surroundings!

  24. Thank you! He is so sweet. He just smiles all the time.

  25. Chef Forfeng Says:

    He’s Beautiful!

  26. Thank you! He is a lot of fun.

  27. Does this mean that yours will be a pet-friendly B&B?

  28. I think that is still in debate at this point. If we don’t allow them in the main house, once the cottages are built, we will for sure there. The issue with the main house is that it was built in 1791 and was complete restored. And I think the owners that we are going to be leasing it from might have an issue with it. I personally love pets.

  29. Well, we’ll keep hoping. And definitely will look forward to a visit when you open.

  30. We look forward to meeting you!

  31. Awwww he’s adorable!!

  32. Thank you! We love him. He is so sweet.

  33. Hurley is adorable!!! Thank you for visiting furrylittlegnome and the “like”.

  34. Thank you! I look forward to seeing more of your blog!

  35. dogsmum Says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog & liking my Cherry Bakewell Cupcakes. By the way Hurley is gorgeous!

  36. Thank you! We really think he is beautiful. I look forward to seeing more of your blog soon!

  37. DG MARYOGA Says:

    Hurley stole my heart !!!
    One cannot help but adore him ! Such a sweet photo series pleasantly presented !

  38. Thank you! He is a very sweet dog. He is like one of our kids. And he smiles all the time!

  39. DG MARYOGA Says:

    I know the feeling my friend.Our Lab,family dog,Edward,is like one of our kids too.And he does smile all the time spreading plenty of unconditional love.
    I cannot imagine my life without their presence …
    Have a splendid day and give Hurley a big hug from Edward.

  40. oceannah Says:

    way to stinkin’ cute…Great looking pup.

  41. He is so cute and sweet he get what he wants most of the time!

  42. becca givens Says:

    Gorgeous … perfect staffer!!! 😀

  43. Yes we agree! We think he will be one of our best “hires”!

  44. Tummy Troll Says:

    Too cute to be true! 🙂 Wow and he can spell too??

  45. Thank you! That is one of his many talents. He loves ice cubes and can get his own from the frig door. It was weird the first time he did it. We were in the living room and knew we were home alone with just him. All of sudden we heard the ice drop ice on the floor. That is when we looked in and saw him pushing the button with his paw. Too smart for his own good!

  46. abraalani Says:

    What a handsome fellow!

  47. Thank you!

  48. Dianna Says:

    Hurley is precious! His personality just shines through in his photos!

  49. And beleive me, he uses that personality to get whatever he wants! haha

  50. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hurley looks like a fine, happy fellow.

  51. Thank you! I look forward to seeing more of your blog! Loved your pictures!

  52. Thanks for liking my blog. Hurley’s making me miss my own dogs! He sure is cute.

  53. Thank you! We look forward to seeing more of your blog soon! Thank you for stopping by!

  54. My kind of staff! lol

    Thanks for letting me camp out in your blog for a little while. I had a great time and tried to leave my campsite as clean as when I arrived. I’ll be back!

  55. Thank you for stopping by! We apprecite you “camping out” and hope that you find the future posts to be just as exciting!

  56. What a beautiful dog! I love golden retrievers…they have such lovely personalities. I couldn’t thnk of a better staff member to have 🙂

  57. Thank you! We feel the same about Hurley. He is our true ambassador!

  58. What a gorgeous doggy! Will you be allowing dog’s with guests? Here in the uk its not always easy to go away with your pet! I’ll be posting the odd recipe for doggy treats on my blog – maybe a little something for 4 legged guests?

  59. Thank you! We are sad to say that we won’t be able to have pets in the main house due to the age and historic value of it. But we are going to be adding cottages that match the outbuildings and will have pet friendly places for them! I would love to have a great recipe for my four legged friends. I will be watching for it!

  60. Hurley seems to be so cheerful. I bet he is fun to play with.

  61. He is! He is such another child of ours. He is so warm and friendly so we know everyone is going to love him if he is there with us!

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