Hurley Update

03/11/13 3:00 PM

 We just wanted to give you a quick update on Hurley, our Official Plantation Dog.


As you may have read, Hurley had a tooth that had abscessed. It had backed up into his eye and caused it to swell.

We are happy to report, after getting him on some good antibiotics, he is doing much better!

Hurley asked us to pass on all his gratitude for all the prayers and well wishes. He is so excited to be getting better and looks forward to making a Special Appearance at the plantation this Thanksgiving! He hopes to see everyone there!

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2 Comments on “Hurley Update”

  1. Melissa P Says:

    So glad to hear that dear Hurley is on the mend. Bear, Sydney, and I (my two GSDs) hope he continues to improve quickly. We can’t wait to meet y’all AND Hurley.

  2. David Says:

    Glad to know Hurley is doing well.