Latest Arrivals… Late Show

15/10/13 7:21 PM

I am sorry this took so long to get out. When the seamstresses finished hanging the curtains on Friday, most of the day light was gone. So I didn’t get a chance to take pictures. On Saturday, we had several unexpected tours of the house (which we love), but before we could get pictures, we had guests check in. Our guests didn’t leave until Monday, which is a good thing.
So today, I finally got pictures of the new curtains to share…. Whew!
The seamstresses brought both the Conway and Hipkins-Bernard Junior Suite curtains, which included the bedroom area, sitting room area and the bathroom. We still need to get the Full Tester Canopy for the Conway Junior Suite and the Faux Half Canopy for the Hipkins-Bernard Junior Suite. Those should be here within the next week or so!


Conway Junior Suite with New Curtains


Close View of the Conway Curtains in the Bedroom


Conway Suite Valance


Conway Suite Sitting Room Curtains


Close up of the Valance in Conway Suite Sitting Room


We love this bead work on the Conway Suite Valance!


Conway Suite Bath Window Valance


Conway Suite Bath Window Valance Close Up


Hipkins-Bernard Junior Suite – New Curtains


Hipkins-Bernard Suite Bedroom Curtains


Hipkins-Bernard Suite Bedroom Valance Close Up


Hipkins-Bernard Suite Bedroom Side Valance Close Up


Hipkins-Bernard Suite Sitting Room Curtains


Hipkins-Bernard Suite Bath Window Valance


Hipkins-Bernard Suite Bath Valance Close Up

One surprise we received on Friday was a new rug from an auction on Thursday. We got a last minute email from our design team at Gates Antiques in Midlothian, Virginia ( that they had seen a rug they knew I would like. Because we had a guest on Thursday, I wasn’t able to make it to the auction, but Jay Gates took care of us and won it! I think it looks wonderful in the suite with the new curtains!


Hipkins-Bernard Suite New Rug


Hipkins-Bernard Suite New Rug

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