Ladies Day Out

23/09/13 8:26 PM

Belle Grove Plantation would like to thank the ladies of


(International Historic Preservation)

 The Victorian Society at Falls Church

(all things Victoriana)

The Madhatters

(a small tea group in Northern VA)

The Vintage Ladies

(a medium group of collectors)

The Royal-tea Club

(large group based out of PA)

The Red Hatters

The Black Hatters

2 (2)

For coming to see us at the plantation!

It was just wonderful to meet each of you and we look forward to having you back soon!

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Thank you!

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4 Comments on “Ladies Day Out”

  1. how sweet of you to mention your groups… I am certain they will return!

  2. We love having them with us and if it helps them build interest in their groups, we are all for it!

  3. So exciting to see the B&B after so much struggle and planning. Good for you both!

  4. Thank you! We appreciate your support!