New Arrivals!

20/09/13 12:21 AM

Today, Belle Grove was buzzing like a busy bee hive!

We had several deliveries as well as a number of visitors!

But most important we have finally received one room of curtains!

(Yes, I said CURTAINS!)

If you have been following the blog, you know we have been working on getting curtains forever! Okay not forever, but it sure feels like it! We received the Madison Master Suite curtains for the main bedroom and the Master bathroom. We didn’t get the tie backs and the canopy, but not to worry! Those will arrive on Tuesday!




Besides the curtains, we received the rug we won at the auction last week!


We also received several new pieces of furniture! 


This Settee is one of two that we bought for the Grand Hallway. This one will be downstairs, When we receive the other one, it will grace the upstairs Grand Hallway!


I think it looks quite nice beside the stairs and will make a wonderful place to rest as people come to see us,


This is a mirror we received a week ago, but just got it hung today in the downstairs Grand Hallway!


The Parlor got a number of new pieces!


This is the fan we won at auction last week!


We also received two Victorian Chairs for the Parlor.



We received our other rug from the auction that is now in the Hipkins-Bernard Junior Suite Sitting Room.



We also added some items to the upstairs Grand Hallway. These are two candlesticks and hurricanes that I found on my shopping trip last week.


And this is the table we won at auction last week!


I love the feet on it!

It reminds me of the scroll work on the riverside portico stairs!

Ext Back Portico Stairs


I really think it is starting to feel more like a home than every before!

One more thing!

When the ladies were hanging the curtains in the Madison Master Suite,

This needle fell out from behind one the woodwork around one of the windows!

Its about three inches long and has a large eye,

Does anyone know what it could have been used for or the time period from then it could have come?


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40 Comments on “New Arrivals!”

  1. The needle mystery is intriguing. I just love the blue walls and gold curtains. The additions are beautiful! What a great eye you have for decorating the plantation! Wish I was there.

  2. We figured out what the “needle” was. It isn’t a needle at all! It is part of the eyeglasses that belong to Mr. Madison! He called me once he saw the post and was excited to see that it was found. His eyeglasses are very old (like 1730s) so I am sure replacing that part would have been hard.

  3. Looks really nice!!!

  4. Thank you!

  5. You’re welcome. I wish you much success.

  6. Thank you so much!

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    I highly recommend this Bed and Breakfast in Virginia. If you have folks there or just want a little vacation, or to spend your honeymoon there, contact: Belle Grove Plantation, in VA.

  8. Lillie Says:

    I can’t wait to hear more about the the needle. I’m guessing because the head is so large, that it was either for yarn, ribbon, or some sort of leather work? Fabulous find! The house is coming along marvelously. Good job!

  9. The needle isn’t a needle, but a part of Mr. Madison’s 1730s eyeglasses. He called me after the post and was excited we found it.

    Thank you!

  10. vanbraman Says:

    The needle intrigues me. I hope someone has some information on it.

    What type of material is the needle made from? It looks like it is a plastic needle in the picture.

  11. We have found what the “needle” is. It isn’t a needle, but part of Mr. Madison’s 1730s eye glasses. He thought he had lost it so he was happy to see we found it.

  12. The needle looks to be either a tapestry needle or a darning needle. If it is made of bone, my guess would be a tapestry needle.

  13. We have found what the “needle” is. It isn’t a needle, but part of Mr. Madison’s 1730s eye glasses. He thought he had lost it so he was happy to see we found it.

  14. Moss Piglet Says:

    I love the way Belle Grove is evolving before us…and the detail you give us every step of the way.
    The “needle” reminds me of a glod bodkin found in our 1855 family home Glen Eden.
    Perhaps the needle was for threading cord through/repairing curtains, and popped away during use?

  15. Moss Piglet Says:

    …gold bodkin.

  16. 😉

  17. Thank you! We love sharing it with all of you!

    We have found what the “needle” is. It isn’t a needle, but part of Mr. Madison’s 1730s eye glasses. He thought he had lost it so he was happy to see we found it.

  18. melissajplum Says:

    Love the furniture and I want that fan!!! I need to hit some auctions now! Lovely photos!

  19. Thank you! I am sorry, but you will have to wrestle me for the fan! I can offer you some time with it if you come visit us! 😉

  20. melissajplum Says:

    I stink at wrestling! Lol!

  21. Yay, I win! 😉

  22. Absolutely beautiful.

  23. Thank you.

  24. Wow, it is really coming together. Everything looks fantastic! Congratulations!

  25. Thank you!

  26. Absolutely stunning! Love the new pieces, they are lovely. The drapery is beautiful and compliments the wall color. Thanks for sharing this, I get so excited when I see the new pieces you receive. DAF

  27. Thank you! We love to share it!

  28. Terry Says:

    I was just thinking and then you said it,,,,it is starting to feel like home!!! congrats on all your hard work, it is paying off nicely!

  29. Thank you! We are so excited! I just can’t wait until Tuesday to see the bed with the canopy!

  30. Nin Ashmore Says:

    Beautiful pictures! You’re having fun decorating, aren’t you? I know I would1

  31. Yes and no to that one. I love to find pieces that give Belle Grove meaning, but I hate waiting for it to come together! I am ready for it to be done!

  32. Nin Ashmore Says:

    I understand! You have enjoyed the journey, but are ready for your destination and arrival! Ha Ha.

  33. Wow,really lovely setup,very nice pieces

  34. Thank you! We are trying to get it done.

  35. hermitsdoor Says:

    Love the colors. All those places to sit, beg sitting a spell… a glass of wine, converstaion, newspaper, book….

  36. All that is what we hope everyone will do when they come! Thank you!

  37. Irene Says:

    Love the changes and additions (completions) being done since I was there in August. Hopefully, it will be all set for Christmas (92 days – but who’s counting) decorating!!! 🙂 🙂

  38. Thank you Irene! But we may need to change your room selection. We aren’t going to use the bedrooms because if we have guests during the weekend of the open houses, people won’t be able to see them or vote for them. So which common room would you like to select? Or even the outside is available!

  39. Lovely, lovely furniture!

  40. Thank you!