More Furnishings Arrived!

10/06/13 6:28 PM

Gates Antiques

Today we took another deliver of furniture!

Look what we have now!

Sideboard from Richmond Family

The Sideboard that was owned by an Old Richmond Family has come home to Belle Grove!

English Slant Top

So has the English Slant Top Desk!

English Slant Top Open

Isn’t it just beautiful?

Framed Mirror

Today was a big mirror delivery!

We got this Gold Framed Mirror…

Two Gilded Mirrors

These two Gold Gilded Mirrors….


And this beautiful floor mirror!

Can you image all the brides that will be looking into this looking glass before their wedding at Belle Grove?

Mirror details 3

What Details!

Mirror details 1

Mirror details 2

Want to see more of the things we purchased?

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10 Comments on “More Furnishings Arrived!”

  1. Terry Says:

    beautiful furniture, I just love it all especially the desk

  2. The desk in the Madison room (blue walls) just pops in there against the blue walls! Thank you!

  3. Dianna Says:

    Aw….so sweet to think of the future brides and the looking glass…Can’t wait for photos to come…

  4. I can’t either!

  5. That sideboard in the first shot — Hello! Gorgeous.

  6. Yes, I agree with that one!

  7. Says:


    Did the sideboard possibly come from the Berry family? It looks like my Aunt Mildred’s. She is 93 in a nursing home and her home built in 1951 just sold in Jan. The Berry’s owned an antique shop, Berry’s Antique’s, and it would not surprise me if Gate’s bought some of her things.


    Betty Lewis Ellett author/literacy specialist (540)371-3032

  8. You know I don’t know that family’s name. I will see if that is is from Jay.

  9. John Says:

    Excellent wood!

  10. Yes it is!