Breakfast is Served

13/03/13 11:58 PM

We posted this on May 14, 2012… Some Posts are just worth Reblogging….

Warning! You will be hungry after reading this one!

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12 Comments on “Breakfast is Served”

  1. Can’t wait for ya’ll to publish a Belle Grove Plantation B & B Cookbook!

  2. I don’t think I will publishing a cookbook. Maybe a history book! Thank you!

  3. terry1954 Says:

    oh my I am now having this craving for some Plantation food!

  4. Well Terry, not much longer! Thank you!

  5. R B Clark Says:

    Looks yummy. Think I’ll head for the kitchen.

  6. Thank you! Hope you have a chance to come taste some for real!

  7. AmyS Says:

    This looks great!

  8. Thank you! We hope you can come to the plantation some day to taste them for real!

  9. Lucky, lucky plantation guests!

  10. Well I hope one day you will be one of the lucky ones!

  11. Me too!

  12. 🙂