Eagles Flying High at the Plantation

09/02/13 9:39 PM

We are still at the plantation, but I didn’t want to wait to post these awesome pictures! We had three eagles cruising the plantation today and for once the sky was clear and we could see them pretty close!

Enjoy the pictures!

Eagles 0

Eagles 1

Eagles 2

Eagles 3

Eagles 4

Eagles 5

Eagles 6

Eagles 7

Eagles 8

Eagles 9

Eagles 10

Eagles 11

Eagles 12

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We are posting pictures as we travel to the plantation and other areas for research!



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47 Comments on “Eagles Flying High at the Plantation”

  1. These pictures are beautiful, we can really see the eagles here! they look amazing! glad you posted these! so beautiful! 🙂

  2. Thank you! We had five the other day! I am sure we will be getting more soon!

  3. John Says:

    Beautiful birds!!

  4. Thank you! They are even better in person!

  5. terry1954 Says:

    those are beautiful, and wow, what blue skies!!!

  6. It was just wonderful today! I wish I could have had you here! I also thought of you today as I was doing some antique shopping!!

  7. edgar62 Says:

    We have eagles in South Australia – the Wedge-tail Eagle. But I have only ever seen them once when I was in the far north of the State. They rarely venture this far away from the Ranges. Your photographs are really excellent.

  8. Thank you! I don’t think I have ever heard of a Wedge-Tail Eagle. The Bald Eagles here are always flying around.

  9. edgar62 Says:

    The Wedge-Tail is also called the Eagle hawk and is the largest bird in Australia. Here in SA they are a High Country bird and not common down here.

  10. Wow, I need to look that one up!

  11. tpartridge1 Says:

    I love the Bald Eagles. Been watching them at the Norfolk cam for years now.

  12. Love that Cam! You should come see us once we open. Then you can watch them with your own eyes 🙂

  13. The eagle picked a blue, blue sky to show off.

  14. Yes they did! Thank you!

  15. Great photos, thanks for sharing. Nothing says American, more than some Bald Eagles flying around your property!

  16. Thank you! I think James Madison would be proud 🙂

  17. sarahlouisek Says:

    Isn’t in wonderful to see bald eagles? They look so majestic.

  18. Yes they do. We get so excited to see them!

  19. vanbraman Says:

    Wow, nice pictures. I would love to take pictures of them. I have not seen a Bald Eagle for quite some time. I may have to go search for some. I know of a few places a couple hours drive from me where they nest.

  20. If you can’t find them there, you can come to the plantation and find plenty! 😉

  21. Dianna Says:

    Don’t you just love Eagles? I don’t think I’ll ever get to the point that I’m not excited to see them!

  22. Funny you say that. About a month ago, we had a meeting at the plantation with the Zoning Director and one of his staff, both locals to Belle Grove. The whole time we were walking around outside, we had five eagles flying over. Every time they did, I would get excited. The Staff Member looked at me one of the times and I said to her, “I know you see them every day and they aren’t that big of a deal anymore.” She laughed.

  23. iknead2knit Says:

    Enjoying your posts! Thanks for reading.

  24. Thank you! We are enjoying yours too!

  25. David Says:

    Very, very nice photos.

  26. Thank you! I am surprised that they all didn’t come out a big blur. I was so excited that they were so close!

  27. Sheryl Says:

    The bald eagles are beautiful. It’s wonderful that they still are in Virginia.

  28. They really are! We are just so excited to have them so close to a presidential birthplace! Thank you!

  29. hermitsdoor Says:

    Great sighting! Bald Eagles (any eagle) are huge. How close did they get? Breading pairs have been in the South Branch Trough area for years (between Moorefield and Romney). Over the 20 years that we have been in the area, they have moved into the Lost River area. We see them a few times each year in the trees and fields on our way to work. A few weeks ago, one landed just off our drit road. It was about 20 feet away. If you do get one up close, remember that the government gets really excited about any tampering with Bald Eagles, and they have HUGE tallons. Best to look close with your camera.


  30. They got really close! We could count their tail feathers! It was so wonderful! If its a clear day, we see them. Even with the fog, Brett caught sight of two flying low over the river. We found out that the back 100 acres of Belle Grove has been designated as an Eagle Sanctuary! We are so excited!

  31. hermitsdoor Says:

    Is that far enough away to not interfer with your Bn’B plans?

  32. dcwisdom Says:

    Did you know that the eagles are actually called piebald (English for black and white) eagles which also refers to their body pigmentation. I just learned that recently. My sister worked in Homer, Alaska, where hundreds of bald eagles swarm the shores. They actually land along the shores and are not afraid of people. She has a picture of her standing among the birds throwing them bread. Amazing. Great pictures! Beautiful sky.

  33. OMG! No way! That is so cool! I wish we could do that! No, I didn’t know that! I love learning new stuff like that!! Thank you!

  34. belocchio Says:

    This must be American Bald Eagle season. We have an eagle nest at the bottom of our field. They have been there for more than 14 years. This morning they had ten visitors. This morning twelve American Bald Eagles sitting in the trees. What a glorious sight. It is thrilling to see your photographs of these magnificent birds in flight. Are we not the fortunate ones. Virginia

  35. Yes we are! What a wonderful sight you must have! We don’t have any nesting near the mansion. The osprey have chased them off. Speaking of osprey, they will be returning soon!

  36. ajaytao2010 Says:

    Beautiful Pics

  37. Thank you so much!

  38. Can you see these at ay time of the yea?

  39. Yes, they are here all year round, unlike our osprey who leave around September and return in April.

  40. VERY cool!

  41. My hubby is so jealous that he is not there to see the eagles himself … he claims that he can watch the birds (eagles/hawks) flying while he is driving the car! He is so lucky that he has me as his passenger seat driver to advise him 😉

  42. I am glad to hear that too! You need to get him and come to Belle Grove once we open. The eagles are here all year. We have seen them almost every time we have been at the plantation. We also have osprey that will be returning in April to September. Thank you!

  43. becky6259 Says:

    Very nice pictures — I love regal birds! Hope the meeting goes well tomorrow!

  44. Thank you! We do too! We think its wonderful to have them here near James Madison’s birthplace! We are ready and can’t wait to get to this meeting. It like the start of the run to opening day!

  45. your guests are going to love sitting and watching the birds, how amazing! Thanks for posting the pictures.

  46. tommiaw Says:

    Marvelous shots there!

  47. Thank you! We were just so thrilled!