Auction Ends

03/11/12 12:28 AM

The Silent Vintage and Antique Auction has ended and was a great success!

We raised $417.91!

Lot 1
Blue Glass Inkwell

The top item by far was our Blue Ink Well that went for $79.99! Wow!

From Left – Ice House – Smokehouse – Summer Kitchen
Built in 1790s
Belle Grove Plantation

Thank you to all that placed a bid and helped us work towards our goal of restoring the 1790s outbuildings and turning our Summer Kitchen into a small museum for the artifacts we find at Belle Grove Plantation.

We appreciate all the support and can’t wait to open the plantation for everyone to come and see it for yourself.

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12 Comments on “Auction Ends”

  1. terry1954 Says:


  2. Thank you! 🙂

  3. Editors Says:


  4. Thank you! We can’t wait to get things started on these buildings!

  5. vanbraman Says:

    I really liked the blue glass inkwell. I thought about bidding for it, but it was past my price point 🙂 My sister collects blue glass so may still look for one :-). I am glad that your auction went well.

  6. Thank you. Yes the blue ink well was the fastest moving price of all our pieces. Maybe next time we can have a blue glass auction! 😉

  7. Congratulations on the success of the silent auction, I can’t wait till the next one! Patty

  8. Thank you! It is through your support that it was so successful!

  9. tommiaw Says:

    Congratulations on the auction! Looking forward to hearing about the building renovations.

  10. Thank you! We are looking forward to doing the renovations.

  11. Congratulations!!

  12. Thank you so much!