Fall Colors

22/10/12 11:26 PM

As Brett and I drove from Richmond, Charlottesville, Orange, Westmoreland, Port Conway and King George,

we had such a wonderful time viewing the fall colors!

We wanted to share some of the colors of Virginia!

Ingleside Vineyards
Westmoreland County

Ingleside Vineyards
Westmoreland County

Ingleside Vineyards
Westmoreland County

Home of James and Dolley Madison
Orange, Virginia

Home of James and Dolley Madison
Orange, Virginia

King George County

Belle Grove Plantation
Birthplace of James Madison
Port Conway, Virginia

Belle Grove Plantation
Birthplace of James Madison
Port Conway, Virginia

Belle Grove Plantation
Birthplace of James Madison
Port Conway, Virginia

Mayhurst Bed and Breakfast
Orange, Virginia

Mayhurst Bed and Breakfast
Orange, Virginia

Mayhurst Bed and Breakfast
Orange, Virginia

Mayhurst Bed and Breakfast
Orange, Virginia

Near Charlottesville

Near Charlottesville

Near Charlottesville

Virginia Country Side
Orange, Virginia

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64 Comments on “Fall Colors”

  1. seniorhiker Says:

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful autumn scenes with us.

  2. You are so welcome! We enjoyed going to find them! 😉

  3. becca givens Says:

    My absolute favorite time of the year! 😀

  4. Well, I can’t say I love fall, but it is right up there for being one of the most beautiful times!

  5. vanbraman Says:

    Nice colors. I am looking forward to the color change here. It is always way behind the East Coast.

  6. Thank you! When we go on our annual anniversary trip, we always get the colors. Hope yours will be as beautiful!

  7. terry1954 Says:

    beautiful colors………..

  8. Yes there are!

  9. fivenineteen Says:

    Gorgeous…love it! Fall greetings from Seattle 🙂

  10. Thank you! Virginia greetings back at you! 😉

  11. Ashima Says:

    So pretty! we don’t get such beautiful colours in fall here in India but I remember a drive in Raleigh during this time and the scenery was truly amazing 🙂

  12. Thank you! It really is a wonderful time here in Virginia! Hope you can make it back some day!

  13. Beautiful. Wish I was there!

  14. Aw! I’ll take as many pictures as I can for you!

  15. Jennifer Says:

    Love the photos. The colours are amazing…. Coming into summer here, it’s all spring flowers and new growth. 🙂

  16. Thank you! I wish I was there! I don’t like the cold weather. I love the Spring and new growth!

  17. Jennifer Says:

    it is beautiful in a completely different way. All is good except i get a cold in Spring, not winter. Go figure. Weird weather that doesn’t know which way to blow.. do you get a lot of snow where you are?

  18. We get some snow. But I am sure we will get more when we move into the plantation. Where we are now we get less than where the plantation is.

  19. Jennifer Says:

    I cant wait to see the Plantation after a decent snow fall.

  20. I have come across a few old pictures, but I hope this year to make some of our own. fingers crossed!

  21. Mohan, mdashf Says:

    Your post reminds me in all vibrant details how beautiful Virgnia is .. and why Virginia is for lovers? Because we fall in love and Virginia is all about the beauty of fall ..

  22. I love your view on why Virginia is for Lovers! That is so true!

  23. rugnis Says:

    I just love autumn in Virginia !!!!!

  24. It is one beautiful show you don’t want to miss! While we were traveling we met people from up North that came just to see the leaves!

  25. radhika25 Says:

    Beautiful fall colours! Here in Singapore the seasons don’t change 🙁

  26. Aw! If you email me your address, I will pick you some beautiful leaves and send them to share!

  27. Beautiful!I I do miss autumn colours. Here in SIcily, it’s parched in summer then in Autumn, suddenly everything goes green. It’s just WRONG!

  28. Wow, I think I would be so confused! Thank you for stopping by! We will save you some leaves!

  29. The images are so alive, thanks.

  30. You are so welcome! It has to be one of the best “shows” around!

  31. Dianna Says:

    We took a “fall foliage” drive on Sunday – Warrenton to Strasburg to Ruckersville. JR told me we were near Belle Grove at one point. If we’d had more time, I would have called to see if you were there!

  32. We were there on Sunday until around 11 or so. If you were in Warrenton, then you were too far! Let us know when you come up next time!

  33. gardeniahung Says:

    A Sunny and Bright Autumn in the Eastern states and in Virginia.

  34. It is a great “show” to see for about a week or two. But then it is go for another year. 🙁

  35. Jayne Says:

    So beautiful, Mother Nature really knows her stuff!

  36. Yes she does! And I am so glad she does it here in Virginia! Thank you!

  37. Beautiful Pictures – Love Them!

  38. Thank you so much! It was great fun driving around seeing the wonderful “show”.

  39. Rusha Sams Says:

    I’ve just returned from Russia where the birches stand out among yellow-leaf trees, but nothing compares with the beauty of these scenes in Virginia! http://ohtheplaceswesee.com

  40. Aw, but I bet it is just beautiful there too! But you are right, it is hard to top Virginia and its fall season!

  41. Jane Sadek Says:


  42. Yes… wow!

  43. Virginia is indeed colorful! And so quiet too. I could hardly hear the traffic, which intensified the charm of the sun-speckled yellows, the glowing reds, and the fiery oranges.


  44. Virginia is a place among places with it beautiful seasons and peaceful country sides.

  45. lazarioana Says:

    I love autumn! The colors, the smell of the crumbling fallen leafs or of the rain on the pavement. The cold wind rustling through the trees and making the leafs sing and fall … such a beautiful season …

  46. You have me wanting to go on vacation again! It is such a wonderful season and no place is like Virginia for that time of year!

  47. Gorgeous! What a beautiful country we live in – I love this time of year. I know what time of year I will be down!! 😉

  48. Thank you! It is a wonderful time of year to be in Virginia! We look forward to seeing you next year!

  49. last of the taxes are being paid and then I start saving!!

  50. Whoo!

  51. niki Says:

    Gorgeous! Love the sun through the trees 🙂

  52. Thank you! I have to laugh about the sun in the trees. Most of those are from while we are driving and I yell to Brett, “Stop! It’s the perfect picture!” I don’t think we get far on days like that! 🙂

  53. David Says:

    Beautiful colors, beautiful countryside. Thank you for the tour.

  54. You are so welcome! But we are just getting started. I have so much more to share from our week long trip! Don’t forget to check back for more info and pictures!

  55. [ Smiles ] You have produced some wonderful pictures!

  56. Thank you so much! It was great fun in getting them!

  57. I just love this season!

  58. I do in a way. I love the colors, but hate the cold.

  59. Lovely scenery! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  60. You are so welcome! It was our pleasure! Thank you!

  61. I love fall! Thanks for sharing these lovely colourful photos, Virginia looks beautiful clothed in it’s reds and golds 🙂

  62. You are so welcome! We love taking the trip and finding them for you!

  63. drowqueen Says:

    So beautiful! We need to make a stop by your place:)

  64. Thank you so much! We would love to have you once we open!