Sunday Good Eats

15/07/12 9:43 PM

After a busy day of shopping for antiques, what do you do?

Come home and make two new recipes!

Mediterranean Style Bruschetta

We are going to use this recipe in a smaller bite size for our Wine and Cheese Reception.

Deep Dish Apple Pie

I made this a little different. I added a taste of orange to give the pie a more fruity taste.

We can add this to the Sunday Brunch Menu.

It must have been good. Brett ate two pieces!

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59 Comments on “Sunday Good Eats”

  1. belocchio Says:

    Great appy and great pie. No let’s say magnificent pie. Flaky, crisp, oozing apples and just begging to be nibbled at until nothing, absolutely nothing is left but sweet memories. Virginia

  2. Thank you! Brett really enjoyed it. Now just to save some for the kids!

  3. terry1954 Says:


  4. Totally agreed!

  5. Looks fantastic!

  6. Thank you!

  7. Debbie Says:

    Future idea: Belle Grove Plantation Cookbook 🙂

  8. Oh… maybe in the future. I just need to get it open first! 😉

  9. Those both look delicious! Wondering when you will be opening? We are planning a road trip to Williamsburg in August and making stops along the way. Any chance you’ll be open by then?

  10. Aw, I’m sorry, we won’t be. I wish were going to be! But with the zoning and stuff, it looks like its going to be later in the year. Maybe next time! Believe me it will be worth it!

  11. This is gastronomic water-boarding 🙂

  12. Haha, I don’t think I have ever heard that one before. Two thumbs up! 😉

  13. Tom Harley Says:

    Reblogged this on pindanpost and commented:
    Darn-it, Monday here already …

  14. Thank you for sharing our blog! We really appreciate it!

  15. adinparadise Says:

    Delicious photos.

  16. Thank you! It was very good!

  17. Dianna Says:

    Both dishes look yummy!

  18. Thank you! I need to cook more often!

  19. Jane Sadek Says:

    I love food, but you keep this up and it could turn into an obsession.

  20. haha, it is for me already! Thank you!

  21. Oh my and YUM! With all this great food on the menu, how will one ever leave the plantation!?

  22. I would guess with the help of a crane to pick them up! haha just kidding. I hope that our offers will be something everyone will look forward to when they come!

  23. Your crust looks absolutely divine! Tell me, lard or butter?….. Keep up the good work ;0)

  24. Thank you! It is vegetable shortening and butter. I will!

  25. Yum!!!! 😀

  26. I would have to agree to that one! 😉 Thank you!

  27. ethelthedean Says:


  28. Thank you! It was very good.

  29. So awesome! Yum, Yum, Yum!

  30. Thank you! Brett says he has enjoyed all the trial recipes lately! 😉

  31. Looks delicious!

  32. It was! Goat Cheese is one of my favorites.

  33. So is there anything you don’t do? Antiques, restore a plantation, cook? Great skills! How did you both decide to restore and create a B and B?

  34. Thank you, I don’t do windows. Just kidding. 😉 We haven’t had to restore the house, it was completed by the owner in 2003. So that saved us on that front. But there are several things we are going to need to do before and after we open. The outbuilding restoration is just one of them. One of the most important things we need to do is the landscaping. It hasn’t been maintained and has gone wild in places. Or just died off. Also we need to do some grading around the grounds. Not just for the holes that people could step in and get hurt, but around the base of the house. They didn’t do a great job with the down spouts so water is collecting around the base of the foundation. As you might guess, it’s not good of the house or basement.

    How did we decide to this? I have always known that I wanted to do this. I had a wonderful southern grandma who taught me how to cook and entertain. She also taught me that history is very important and is never to be forgotten. Brett has also loved history and is passionate about the Founding Fathers. So it was really just a no brainer for us.

  35. What a wonderful commitment and service to both the past and future. Southern hospitality is amazing and the cooking both wonderful and fattening. I am living proof! It should be interesting what things come to light while landscaping. Are their master gardener programs that would help or train gardeners as a way to assist in the landscaping. My daughter’s mother in law has been volunteering in Virginia where she lives with landscape planning. I am anxious to see what you do.

  36. We have a professional horticulturalist that we are working with to come up with a get plan for the plantation. We would like to bring in volunteers to help once we get things in place. We did a historic tour for the Daughters of 1812 and they said they would like to know back chances to help.

  37. That’s great! Good luck with this undertaking. I’m anxious to follow it on your blog.

  38. marina Says:

    the bruschetta looks really good!

  39. Thank you, it was! I know because there was a fight over the last piece!

  40. Looks absolutely delicious! I LOVE bruschetta! 🙂

  41. Thank you! The bruschetta was everyone’s favorite. There was a fight over the last piece. 😉

  42. Amanda Jolly Says:

    Looks yummy!!

  43. Thank you, it really was!

  44. JulesPaige Says:

    Only one recommendation for the pie – remember to put in ‘vents’ so it doesn’t explode in the oven… just a few poke holes in the crust or a fancy design… Doesn’t matter what kind of pie with a crust, vents in the ‘roof’ are a good idea. Looks yummy. Did I mention I made a fresh peach pie with cinnamon and nutmeg? Yum.

  45. You can’t see them, but there were vents in the top. Three small openings. But thank you! If it had been 26 years ago I more than likely would not have done it. When Brett and I married, I wasn’t a great cook. It has taken years of practice to get as far as I have. Now peach pie, you would have Brett’s ear and stomache for sure!

  46. Norma Chang Says:

    Love all the fresh goodies on your bruschetta, and that apple pie looks too good to eat.

  47. Thank you! The bruschetta was to die for! Everyone in the house was fighting for that last piece. As for the apple pie, its almost gone now. I didn’t even get one piece. haha Brett and Tyler have pretty much taking it all.

  48. Hi. Michelle and Brett,
    What a fantastic journey you two are taking and I know it will be a great success when it;’s ready. My tourism comes from managing Vacation rental homes in the Orlando area, so it’s not so creative as yours, but there’s a lot of pleasure to be had from making guests happy and contented. Keep up the great blogging!

  49. Thank you Marilyn! We love entertaining and have a good time with others. With the history added, it only makes this a perfect fit for us! We love the Orlando area! Some of our best memories are there! We hope you will join us for this wonderful journey!

  50. beckmank Says:

    OK I am hungry now!! Those look delicious. 🙂

  51. Thank you! If you come to the plantation when we open, you won’t be hungry any more! 😉

  52. doodlinggal Says:

    Beautiful house and good food, a great combination! Thanks for the like on my post…

  53. Thank you! We look forward to seeing more of yours too! Please don’t forget to check out Hurley and his mission!

  54. Thanks for liking my blog! The apple pie looks fantastic. I have thought about opening my own bed and breakfast – good luck with opening yours!!!

  55. Thank you! The pie didn’t last long here! Brett and Tyler ate it in record time! You should consider it! Just follow along with our blog and you will know most of the ins and outs of opening it!

  56. Wow! That pie looks super delicious…

  57. Thank you! It didn’t last long!

  58. these are very delicious dish. Would you like the share the procedure about how to make this at home.

  59. I would be happy to email you any recipe you wish. Just shoot me an email at for the ones you would like!