Uncle Jemmy’s cradle of change

09/07/12 9:06 PM

This is a great post from James Madison University about the two Belle Groves of Virginia and James Madison. What a great view of James Madison. It is worth a read!!

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4 Comments on “Uncle Jemmy’s cradle of change”

  1. njbrown Says:

    This really helps. I had Googled the other one by mistake, and found that it was a member of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, so got confused. Of course, at my age, confusion is my usual mode…

    Best wishes,


  2. Don’t feel bad, with all that is going on, I get cofused too! 😉 I will be doing a post soon about this other Belle Grove soon.


  3. This looks like a place I need to visit – especially as a JMU graduate!

  4. We would love to have you stop by!