Weathering the Storm

Oct. 28th 2012

We are back from the plantation and at our current home in Chesapeake. With Hurricane Sandy coming in from the Atlantic, we needed to get prepared for what is to come. As for Chesapeake, we should have some high winds and rain, but nothing that we haven’t seen before. When we arrived this afternoon, we found that most schools and some businesses had already closed for Monday. Because of where my current office is I may not be going in either. I work out of an attic office in a local branch. It is an older building, which most of the times I love. But for this situation, I need to be more cautious. The roof doesn’t have much between the outside and me. And with tall Southern Pines that are prone to snapping off easily, I don’t think I want to brave 30 to 60 mile per hour winds in that space.

Walnut Tree

As we left the plantation today, I felt kind of sad and concern. Belle Grove Plantation has seen some hard storms over the last year. We have lost three major trees in and around our bowling green. We have also lost two large branches on one of the oldest trees, a walnut just to the left of the entry gate. Because of this loss, the walnut, which I would estimate being between 200 to 300 years, has left it exposed and weak. As we pulled out, I wondered if it would survive the winds of Sandy tomorrow and Tuesday. We are due to go back on Wednesday so time will tell.

To all that are in the path of this storm,

please stay safe!

Hickory Tree

Fall has definitely come to Belle Grove Plantation! As we pulled in, we were greeted by a large pile of leaves from a hickory and gum tree near the house. The leaves on most of the trees have turned now and have begun to fall off. The trees across the river don’t look as bright as they had been last weekend. Our two crepe myrtles on the river side has started turning. But I expect after the high winds and rain over the next two days, there won’t be much left to see in the way of leaves.

Crepe Myrtles

River view

In the meantime…..

We still have a couple more posting from our “working vacation” last week. So be on the lookout for them over the next few days. With the possibility of me being home tomorrow, if we have power, I should be able to prepare them for you. I also have some cool stories to tell from my visit to Stratford Hall on Saturday!

Lot 15
Denton Bone China – 6″ in height
Antique – Age unknown
value est. $45.00

Thank you to all who have placed bids on our Silent Vintage and Antiques Auction. We appreciate the support in raising funds to turn our little 1790s Summer Kitchen into a museum to house all the artifact and history of Belle Grove. If you haven’t places a bid, check out our Silent Auction page by clicking the link below!

The current bid is listed there under the item. If you find an item you would like to bid on, email your bid to us at We will be accepting bids until Friday, November 2nd at 11:59pm Eastern Time. There are some really wonderful items that were donated by most of the antique stores I have written about in our blog! Here is your chance to help us and win a piece of Virginia history!

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