Update on the Process

Jan. 2nd 2013


Well it is given and now it is taken away….

We just got word this afternoon that our Christmas Miracle has been reversed. We will not be in the January 8th public meeting for our zoning process as we had hoped. We are now scheduled for February 12th. This means that we not make our goal of the “Soft Opening” on March 16th, James Madison’s Birthday. We are looking now at our opening date to be around May 1st.


It’s time to make lemonade!

BUT…we aren’t going to look at this as a set back, but instead a gift of time to get things ready for the opening. We will plan for the first years end celebration on March 16, 2014 instead.

In the meantime…


Ladies and Gentlemen…. start your OVENS! 

We have kicked off our first annual “Official Cookie of Belle Grove Plantation” Cookie Contest yesterday!

What a “sweet” way to start the New Year!

Grab your favorite cookie recipe and enter to win a $100 Visa Gift Card! The winning cookie will serve as the Official Cookie for one year at Belle Grove Plantation! Remember to use unpublished recipes. Copyrighted recipes will not be accepted. If you have posted a recipe on your blog only, they can be used.

The Theme is:

“A Cookie James Madison Would Like.”

Cookie Contest 2013

Just click on James Madison to find out how to enter!

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