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Apr. 29th 2013

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As we move closer to landscaping the grounds at Belle Grove Plantation, I have found myself drawn to other gardens to research  plants we might want to use. Sunday, I visited the Norfolk Botanical Gardens. It is one of my favorite gardens here in Virginia and always leaves me inspired.

The plants I was most interested in were the Azaleas and Camellia. I am hoping to dot the long drive to the front gate with a mix of Azaleas in and around the Red Cedar trees. I think it would gave a beautiful splash of color in the spring as well as provide a nice fill in to spaces where they have lost trees.

Azaleas - Dorothy Gish

Azaleas – Dorothy Gish

Azaleas - Double Pink

Azaleas – Double Pink

Azaleas - Gloria

Azaleas – Gloria

Azaleas - Hampton Beauty

Azaleas – Hampton Beauty

Azaleas -  Hot Shot x Hershey Red Tetra

Azaleas – Hot Shot x Hershey Red Tetra

Azaleas - New Generation

Azaleas – New Generation

Azaleas - Rosy Frills

Azaleas – Rosy Frills

Azaleas - Salmon Surprise

Azaleas – Salmon Surprise

Azaleas - Satelite

Azaleas – Satelite

Azaleas - Gibraltar

Azaleas – Gibraltar

I am at odds with the Camellias. I fell in love with them when I visited the Elizabethan Botanical Gardens in Manteo, North Carolina. From that point I knew I wanted to have a garden of them. My hope was to place them around the Riverside Portico, but with a full afternoon sun from noon to sundown, I am afraid it may be too much for them with no shade. So I am thinking about moving them to the Carriage side of the Mansion to greet our guests as they come in. They won’t have too much shade there either, but they will only get the morning sun which will be filtered through the trees until 11am to noon. So hopefully that won’t be too much full on sun.

Camella - Anemonaeflora

Camella – Anemonaeflora

Camella - Brillant

Camella – Brillant

Camella - Christmas Beauty

Camella – Christmas Beauty

Camella - CM Hovey Colonel Firey

Camella – CM Hovey Colonel Firey

Camella - Ellen Daniel

Camella – Ellen Daniel

Camella - Faith

Camella – Faith

Camella - Grace Albritton

Camella – Grace Albritton

Camella - Julie

Camella – Julie

Camella - Lady Laura

Camella – Lady Laura

Camella - Masterpiece

Camella – Masterpiece

Camella - Nuccio's Gem

Camella – Nuccio’s Gem

Camella - Sawadas Dream

Camella – Sawadas Dream

Camella - Susan Stone

Camella – Susan Stone

Hope you enjoy our research!

If you have any ideas you would like to share…

Please do!

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Lazy Sunday

Jul. 1st 2012

Today, I decided to jump in the car and head out for a drive. This time, it lead me to a whole nother state! North Carolina. We live in Chesapeake, Virginia, about 15 minutes from the North Carolina border. When I was looking at antiques yesterday, someone brought up Elizabeth City, North Carolina. So I thought I would head down there and to Edenton to check out what I could find as far as antiques. Sadly, most of antique stores were closed. I did find one in Hertford, North Carolina. (Thank Goodness for GPS or I would have never found it) I pulled into this small town and found Hertfordshire Antiques. It is located in a historic area of this town in an old store front. I was so excited! I found my first Mint Julep Cup! Those suckers are hard to find!!

Hertfordshire Antiques Hertford NC

Afterwards I headed down to Edenton, North Carolina. While I didn’t find any antique stores, I did find some wonderful old houses.

Pembroke Hall 1850

Wessington House 1850

Dixon-Powell House 1895

Edmund Conger House 1910

Elliot-Sitteson House 1895

The Granny Bond House 1873

Beverly Hall 1810

Beverly Hall 1810 Side Door

Then I headed back to Virginia, stopping for a quick view of Elizabeth City, North Carolina. Here is one of the best houses there!

Roninson Mansion 1914 Elizabeth City, NC

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