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Sep. 6th 2013

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Navigating a New Web Site

Dec. 28th 2012
Belle Grove Carriage side Balcony

Belle Grove Carriage Side Balcony

Since we are playing a waiting game with the Zoning Process, Brett and I are trying to get things done that we can do now. Besides finding vendors that we want to work with, we also need to start thinking about a website for the Bed and Breakfast.

I don’t know about you, but this is all new to me. I thought I was doing really well just managing a blog! So I knew that I was going to need to find someone that I could work with and that would have the patience to explain that different parts to me. I also wanted to find someone that I could trust. Someone that could see our vision for this Historic Plantation and would be able to help me convey it our visitors.

Thankfully I didn’t have to go far. We have someone that we have known for years. His name is Adam. We have known him since he was just a teenager. So when I went to him and asked for help, he was onboard with us.

Bull and Companywww

Bull and Company

Adam works with a company called “Bull & Company MediaWorks”.

From Bull & Company Media Works:

The Internet has forever changed the world of media.  Recognizing this fact, Bull & Company MediaWorks is positioned to maximize your company’s potential with our expertise in Internet marketing.  We true full-service Internet marketing under one roof, designing and executing Internet marketing plans that leverage all forms of media.

Adam started his career in the flooring business as a Project Manager / Sales Associate / “Do whatever needs to be done” Person. He gained a lot of experience mostly as a Project Manager.  Knowing nothing about web design, he started working for a company called Bullaka Productions (a full service web marketing company) as a part time project manager.  Through the years, he gained the knowledge on how to build websites (imagine that) using the most up to date technologies.  He has worked for companies such as Bull and Crowley MediaWorks, Regent University and Dominion Enterprises doing Web Design and Development.  One of the things he really loves about this field is it combines his love for technology and his heart to serve others.  Learning how he can serve others is a true joy!  On a more personal side of things, Adam’s family is one of the most important things to him. For Adam, there’s nothing better than to be a father and a husband!  For us, family is very important and having it be a big part of his life speaks volumes to us.

Adam Woods and Family

Adam Woods and Family

To contact Adam please email him at

or call him at 757-621-9194.

Please let him know that Michelle and Brett sent you!

So we have a web designer, now we need to put together the information they will need to build our website. Have you ever thought about all the information you need to put together a website? It’s almost mind blowing! So as I am sure you have figured out from my past postings, the first thing I did was research.

I started by looking at lots and lots and lots and lots of website. I didn’t just look at website that had to do with bed and breakfasts, though they were the most that I looked at. I wanted to get a good idea of what I liked and what I thought would work well for us. So I wrote down the web addresses of those that I want Adam to look at and what about them I liked.

Then I had to figure out how someone would navigate our website and what information I want our visitor to see. Talk about endless possibilities! I have seen all kinds of tabs and links in other websites. One thing I don’t want is for it to be too much information. I have seen websites that try to give you too many choices and you end up lost. I don’t want that.

The last thing we talked about is pictures. Adam tells me that it is generally this that holds up a website from being launched. He has suggested that we get someone professional to take them. While I have tons of pictures of the plantation and Mansion, they aren’t what I would want on the website. So now we have to find a professional photographer. Any Suggestions?

One of the things I have been thinking about doing to help me “see” our website is to make a mockup of the website using sheets of paper. This way I can see and adjust that I want. I am a simple person sometimes and need to use simple processes.

Now here is your chance to help us!

Tell me what you like or don’t like about websites for bed and breakfasts.

What do you feel is most important to you when you look at the website?

What could you do without?

Your opinion and advice will help us build an awesome website

that will serve this Historic Plantation for years to come!

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