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Mar. 23rd 2013

Hide a Heart

Since we started the blog and Facebook Fan page and started linking with others, we have had some really great people come to us with some really great ideas. We have also received samples of items to offer to our guest. It is a great way for us to see the items and to help us decide whether to offer them or not.

Recently we received a sample item for our consideration.

Little did we know how much fun this sample would be.


The company is called “Hide A Heart”


Here is their story:

“You may wonder about the motivation behind our product. Here is the very sweet ‘beginning’ story of how we decided to Hide A Heart®. Twenty-seven years ago my husband surprised me with a little red glass heart he had hidden for me to discover. I’m sure he was ‘in the dog house’ for one reason or another, a ‘house’ in which men can often find themselves. But, as you can imagine all was forgiven when I discovered the heart hidden among my lingerie! We continue to hide the heart for one another as a ‘non-verbal’ expression of love. There have been times when the heart remained ‘hidden’ for months before being discovered. Or, I would remember I had not found it for a long while and would go through the house with a ‘fine tooth comb’. I had grown fond of those little ‘messages’. Over the years, the little heart became helpful when trying to say ‘sorry’ or ‘forgive me’ or ‘miss you’ or ‘good job’. Discovering the heart unexpectedly has proven to be a great facilitator for relationship building.

Finding ‘non-verbal’ means of communicating can be challenging for people in any relationship. Couples, parents, siblings, friends all struggle at times to find the ‘right’ words. What can often be difficult to express verbally can be expressed with Hide A Heart® and the opportunities to use Hide A Heart® are infinite. Use these little glass hearts to express your affection and create positive communication for nearly every age group. Given with love. Hidden for fun!”

The heart sample came tucked into a cello sack with confetti and correlating story card and was beautifully wrapped. The heart is 1.5” and 1.6oz with the words “Love you” printed on the red heart. If you visit their website, you will find other hearts of different colors and messages.

So we decided to give it a try.

Brett and I have been married for 26 years. At the beginning of our marriage, Brett was still in the Navy. So there were days, weeks and months that I would go without seeing him. It would be letters in the mail that would surprise me and make me smile.

After so many years of marriage, we are still very close and consider each other our best friend. We say “I love you” every day and several times a day. So I wasn’t sure if this would make that much of a difference to us. But I am always willing to try. So I hid it first in his clothing drawer.

As I was brushing my teeth a few minutes later, I looked up in the mirror to see Brett standing by his drawer with a big smile on his face and his hands on his hips. Through the toothpaste dripping down my face, I tried to smile back. And so it began.

Over the next week, we have taken turns hiding it. After Brett found it in his drawer, I found it under a second pillow on my bed as I was going to lie down for the night. I then hid it in his car for the next morning. I would find it the next day in the dish I place my car keys in as I was going to work. I then hid it beside his jar of honey he has each morning in the cabinet. Brett then hid it in my car flip tray where I keep the garage door opener for the next morning. Then I hid it in the refrigerator for him to find the next morning.

We even carried it with us on our wonderful weekend in Orange and Montpelier. Brett would find it in the suitcase in a small pocket where I knew he would go. As we were about to leave, Brett even turned to me and asked if I remembered to pick up our heart.

The heart would also travel with us to Belle Grove for our last public hearing. On Tuesday morning, Brett would pull on his jacket to find it in his pocket.

But you know it wasn’t just the game of hiding and seeking this heart. It was the message that it gave us. The message that for just one moment, we stopped and realized that the other really loved us. That heart would put a smile on our faces for the day as well. It was just a wonderful warm feeling to pick it up and think about each other.

So I want to thank our friends at Hide A Heart! You have shown us that even those of us who say “I Love You” every day still can find other non-verbal ways of showing how much we really care about each other.

We will be carrying this wonderful product at Belle Grove and will be having it available for those special couples who will start their wonderful lives together at Belle Grove.

Please visit Hide A Heart

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Hide a Heart

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