New Babies

May. 17th 2013

We have some exciting news!

The Osprey’s eggs have hatched! I have been watching over the week and Dolley has been standing more to the side of the nest than sitting on it. It also looks like she is feeding them too! Because they are still nesting on our chimney in the formal dining room, I can hear them as I sit at the table working. It is so sweet to hear their little chirping sounds! We haven’t seen them peek over the top yet, but we can’t wait to see them!


If you look close ¬†you can see a fish in Dolley’s claws!






Dolley is looking right at us!

When the power company checked the nest in March, we had three eggs. If we end up with three babies, we would like to give them names. So we thought it would be fun to have you name them!

So what three names would you like to see them called?

You can enter your ideas here or go to our Facebook Page to add them there!

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