Breakfast for Dinner Tonight

Jan. 9th 2013

Here is your fair warning!

If you are hungry, 

Don’t read this post!

After a hard day at work, I came home and prepared a new dish. It was quick and easy and very filling!

Cream Cheese Scrambled Eggs with Green Onions and Smoked Salmon


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We are almost there!

Jun. 6th 2012

Progress is happening!

First an update on our progress. Tomorrow we are meeting with an attorney to review some things for our LLC, which we have now! (Yay!) But we also are expecting a draft of the contract! (It’s about time!) If everything looks good and we don’t have to make any changes, we could be on our way by the first of next week! And we could be revealing the plantation this weekend! (fingers crossed)

I don’t know about you, but I am dying to tell! 

NEW Item for the Menu!

Tonight I made a Sweet Crepe with a sweet cream cheese filling with slices of bananas and topped with blueberry compote. I also added some fresh blueberries on top of the compote to give you that snap of the fresh berries with the smooth compote. No leftovers in our house!

Sweet Crepe with Bananas and Blueberries

NEW Antique Finds!

Sunday I had to go back to an antique mall in Virginia Beach to pick up a creamer that I missed with the tea set I purchased a few weeks ago. I ended up coming home with five new plates for the afternoon tea parties! We are making progress in finding the china that we need!

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