Some More Progress

Jul. 2nd 2012

Okay, please sit down before you read this. I don’t want you to faint. Yes, the attorney has finally finished with the contract! I got word today that we should get it tomorrow. (fingers crossed) But I have to say, I will believe it when I see it!

Summer Kitchen Door

We have also added a new video to our Indiegogo site! Please take a moment to check it out! Thank you to everyone that has contributed to our fund. You know the banks aren’t loaning to new startup businesses and definitely not for projects like the one we need for the outbuildings. They are in such bad shape and we are in desperate need for help to save them.

Don’t forget to claim your perks! We have the Free Weekend Giveaway. PLUS!! For those who live too far from us to come and stay, we are going to be adding some new perks just for you! I will be adding them tomorrow night so don’t forget to check them out!! (Thank you to my Aussie blog friend that pointed that out)

Cookie Monster – Seasame Street

Do you love cookies or have a favorite cookie recipe? Be on the lookout for a fun contest we are going to open soon!!


Brett and I and even Hurley really appreciate your support and encouraging words! This has been a great journey and we are so glad to have you come along!

Next post – The New Family

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Good Things Come to Those Who Don’t Kill The Attorney

Jun. 9th 2012

We were to have an appointment with our attorney on Thursday this week to discuss our LLC stuff and to hopefully review the draft of the contract from the plantation owner’s attorney. Our meeting on Thursday got changed to Friday, which was fine, but the owner’s attorney didn’t come through! We were told that he needed just a couple more days to finish up the contract. OMG… it has been almost 30 days to get this written. Oh, take a breath… I’m okay. But because we haven’t gotten the contract yet, we can’t reveal the plantation this weekend. We are so bummed! So now we have to wait until Monday or Tuesday this week to see this contract. Once we get it, we have to review it, then let our attorney review it and then hopefully sign it! Then the big reveal! I know it is taking a long time, but I am told over and over “Good things come to those¬†who wait.” If that is true, then this place is going to be off the charts!

We want to thank everyone for being so patient about the reveal. Believe us, we want to tell. Please keep checking back next week for an update! In the meantime, to take my mind off this disappointment, I’m going shopping for more antiques. It’s a hard job, but someone has to do it.

By the way… we didn’t kill the attorney.

Hurley, our Plantation Dog, relaxing by the pool at our house in Chesapeake

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