Lady Whistledown’s Society A “Bridgerton” Social at Belle Grove Plantation

Lady Whistledown’s Society
A “Bridgerton” Social at Belle Grove Plantation
Hosted by the James Madison Belle Grove Foundation
Saturday, May 21st
6pm to 11pm
Dearest Readers,

The ton are abuzz with the latest gossip, and so it is my honor to impart to you: Lady Whistledown’s Society will be hosting a “Bidgerton” Social at Belle Grove Plantation on this day, Saturday, May 21st from 6pm to 11pm. I hope you have gathered your best for this delightful occasion.

This author has been reliably informed that this occasion will take place on the beautiful grounds overlooking the river. And what better place to be as the “Diamond of the Season” is named as the sun disappears over the horizon.

Music will have the debutantes and their gentlemen suitor making merry only to stop for a slip of champagne and delicious treats to keep up the evening. Who knows that will take place! I will have my pen ready to report on any and all romantic activities that take place.

Ready yourself and confirm your place as soon as you can.

Yours Truly,
“Lady Whistledown”

Duke’s Tables

This honor is for a table of 8 tickets. These are our VIP tables which guarantee you a table and seat.

Lords and Ladies

This is for our honored couples. These do not have a guaranteed seat.

Sirs and Dames

This is for our honor single guests. Be you a Sir or Dame, all eyes will be on you as eligible gentlemen and ladies take a turn around the room.

Duke’s Tables – Tickets for 8 – $320
Lords and Ladies – Tickets for 2 – $60
Sirs and Dames – Ticket for 1 – $30


Tickets are non-refundable.