Paranormal Lockdown

Paranormal Lockdown
Saturday, September 23rd
7pm to 12pm or 7pm to 5am

The Belle Grove Plantation is a location that both chills the bone and pleases the eye. As featured on SyFy’s Ghost Hunters (2014) and Travel Channel’s Kindred Spirits (2019), over three hundred years of rich history has left a haunting and eerie impression on the old plantation and the spirits of generations past still linger within the walls waiting to tell you their stories.

Full-bodied apparitions of Union Soldiers guarding the entrance, walking the grounds and lurking in the hallways have been witnessed by many guests and visitors. Guests have also seen and interacted with at least two ghost cats. Their vocal cries, brushing past people’s legs and even curling up on the pillow beside the guests as they sleep at night. The phantom felines are still seeking someone to scratch their ears.

The mischievous Jacob is a spirit of a small boy that many people have encountered. He likes to take items from the kitchen, bounce balls up and down the hallway whilst guests are sleeping and hide around the corners. There have been EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) captured of the young boy by several paranormal investigators. Is he just looking for a good time? Perhaps you’d like to engage in a game of hide-and-seek with him!

Orbs, light anomalies, shadow figures, full-blown apparitions, lights turning on of their own volition, phantom whistling, disembodied voices, and video evidence caught on our remote cameras are just some of the paranormal activities you might encounter. If you’re ready to experience a crossroads of Spirits, then the Belle Grove Plantation is waiting for you. The only question remains—are you brave enough to do a lone vigil with the Union Soldiers standing guard over the property?

Join Fredericksburg Paranormal Research and Investigation and Covert Paranormal Teams as they host PARANORMAL LOCKSDOWN at the Historic Belle Grove Plantation in King George, Virginia. This 1-night event will offer several levels of participations for those who may be too skittish to stay long to those who can’t get enough of the paranormal.

The BIG QUESTION is …. Do YOU DARE to come and experience the PARANORMAL at Belle Grove Plantation?
Investigation Tickets

Paranormal Investigation (5 hours) – 7pm to 12am – $75.00
Paranormal Lockdown (10 hours) – 7pm to 5am – $99.00

Rooms at Belle Grove with Tickets

Investigate, sleep and have breakfast at 9am for our Paranormal Lockdown! These rooms are only available during the September 23rd Paranormal Lockdown. Room includes breakfast, two (10) hour Paranormal Lockdown Tickets and tax.

Overnight Stay – Madison Room – 7pm to 5am – Two People Only – $506.30
Overnight Stay – Turner Room – 7pm to 5am – Two People Only – $506.30
Overnight Stay – Conway Room – 7pm to 5am – Two People Only – $456.67
Overnight Stay – Hipkins-Bernard Room – 7pm to 5am – Two People Only – $427.99


Tickets are non-refundable.