Haunted Season at Belle Grove Plantation

Haunted Season at Belle Grove Plantation
Friday, October 20th to Tuesday, October 31st


Haunted Manor – Overnight Stay in the Haunted Manor – Witchy Tea


Haunted Manor
at Belle Grove Plantation
Friday, October 20th to Tuesday, October 31st
7pm to 11pm

You drive down the lane lined with trees with limbs reach out at you as arms of a giant spirits. You try hard to see what’s in the distance, but the rolling fog is covering your view. What was that? What did you see?

You come into the gate and stretch out before you is an old manor house. Lighting seems to be streaking the skies as candles burn in the windows. Do you really want to go in there?

As you draw closer, you watch the windows. Suddenly, you see a curtain move. Was that a child? Or was it a demon beckoning you in for a “visit”.

You reach the door, and you hear it. Screaming coming from within. You saw someone go in before you. Now you can hear them crying out. You turn to go, but before you can, the door opens… slowly.

Do you dare to enter?

Belle Grove Plantation in King George, Virginia is a historic property that started in 1670. The land was inhabited by Native Americans and before Prehistoric Man. Many people lived here, and many people died here. The 1791 walls hold the memories of over 230 years.

Known as one of the Most Haunted Plantation in Virginia, Belle Grove Plantation has been featured on national television shows “Ghost Hunters”, “Kindred Spirits”, and “Fright Club”. Many have investigated here and at least 83 known ghosts call Belle Grove their “home”. We have hundreds of paranormal photographs, voice recordings, and personal experiences.

This Halloween, join us for an eerie and frightening walk through our “Haunted Manor”. Let us guide you through the darkness and take you on a bone-chilling journey. Each room will be stay up by a different paranormal team or individual in hopes their rooms will send your heart racing with every step. At the end of the haunted tour of the manor, we will ask that you vote for your favor scare. The room with the most votes will win prizes.

As you walk through, you will have to ask yourself, “Was that a real ghost?” as the line between fun and terror blurs.

Enter at your own risk!

This event may be too intense for young children, we require all children under the age of 16 to have a parent accompany them on the tour.

Tickets for the Haunted Manor

General Admission – $25 per person (all ages)
Express Line – $35 per person (all ages)


Go Extreme – Stay the night at the Haunted Manor!

We are offering the truly brave to proof they have what it takes to sleep in our Haunted Manor. You will have a chance to tour the Haunted Manor and then take a room at 11pm to sleep the night! In the morning, if you make it through the night, we will have a delicious breakfast for you. Check out will be at 11am. All rooms are double occupancy and include two Express Haunted Manor Tickets. Sorry, dinner is not included or available.


Madison or Turner Room – $367.81 (includes tax and two Express Haunted Manor Tickets)
Conway or Hipkins-Bernard Room – $318.18 (includes tax and two Express Haunted Manor Tickets)

Upgrade your Overnight Stay with a Paranormal Investigation!

Stay with us on Friday, Oct. 20th, Saturday, Oct. 21st, Friday, Oct. 27th, Saturday, Oct 28th or Tuesday, Oct 31st and you can upgrade your overnight stay with a paranormal investigation with Fredericksburg Paranormal Research and Investigation. John Sullivan, lead investigator will bring all the equipment to help you go hunting for our resident ghosts! Investigations are 1.5 hours (11pm to 1:30am)

Paranormal Investigation Upgrade – $30 per person


Enjoy a Witchy Cup of Afternoon Tea

Not brave enough for a nighttime visit to our Haunted Manor? Dress in your favorite witch’s hat and gather your friends for a Witchy Afternoon Tea. This private afternoon tea will take place in our Haunted Manor and offer special Halloween Treats with scones, sandwiches, and petite desserts. Tea reservations are sure to sell out fast, so purchase your tickets early. Tea includes a tour of the Haunted Manor… with all the lights on!

Max number per tea reservation is four. Larger parties of 5 or more need to call us at 540-621-7340 to book outside of this listing.


Witchy Afternoon Tea – $45.00 (all ages)



All tickets, rooms, and teas are non-refundable for any reason.

Witchy Afternoon Tea

We ask that you select a time and date. Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes before your reservation.

You do not have to dress up. It just makes it more fun.

We ask that children are not younger than 5 years old.

We are sorry, but we are unable to offer dairy-free, gluten-free, or sugar-free dietary requirements.

Your tea will be one hour and will be followed by your walking tour of the Haunted Manor.