J.Marie Special Event

JMarie Special Event
Friday, April 21st – Dinner and Gallery Reading with JMarie – 6pm
Saturday, April 22nd – 11am – Afternoon Tea and Gallery Reading with JMarie – 11am
This event was scheduled for February 25th and has been rescheduled to April 21st and 22nd
She’s back! But only for a short time!

Evidential Medium J.Marie will be returning to Belle Grove Plantation on Saturday, February 25 from 11:00am to 6:00pm. She will be conducting two sessions!

“Our stories do not define us, they lead us to the hidden wonderments that life holds.” – J.Marie
A Message from J.Marie

Hello beautiful soul! I always say, if you have found me your loved ones are one step ahead of you.

My story started when I was just six years old after losing my mom three days after being diagnosed with Leukemia. Throughout childhood my spirit was always searching for a connection with her, finding it in many subtle ways, but never truly feeling that love from the other side the way that I dreamed of. My heart was seeking something that I couldn’t truly define.

In growing up Catholic, I never was able to really find my connection spiritually, although all the signs were there. My soul just felt as though there was more than I couldn’t truly see and understand just yet. Though my gifts were there, it would take some unexpected life changes for them to truly make sense of what all had been taking place in my life all along.

As my awakening began, I felt compelled to connect with my mom on spirit-side. I finally heard those messages my heart had longed for, awakening my spirit, my soul, and bringing life back to my eyes and into my heart. This forever changing my life, finding my spirituality, and developing my own spiritual gifts, connecting with God on a level I had always dreamed of. The power of love from above is truly the most incredible thing that there is, the words a definition of their own.

The link of love is so much more than words, it has allowed that connection with God and Spirit to be more than I could’ve dreamed, not for myself, but for each client that walked through my doors as well. It aids in helping people to heal, to grow, to transform their lives.

Every reading it’s about recreating that special time together to sit with your loved ones again, feeling as if their arms are wrapped around you. Let’s create a memory, a moment…… Bringing your loved ones to sit with you once again.

With love from above,

Join us for an evening of fun, laughter and connection to loved ones! Plus enjoy our on-site vendors and Paranormal Team Fredericksburg Paranormal Research and Investigation! FPRI will conduct a 1.5-hour Paranormal Investigation with J.Marie!

Schedule of Events
Friday, April 21st

6:00pm – Dinner
7:00pm – Gallery Reading with JMarie. This is inside the mansion.
8:30pm – Ends

Saturday, April 22nd

11:00am – Afternoon Tea
12:00pm – Gallery Reading with JMarie. This is inside the mansion.
1:30pm – Ends

Each session will have no more than 20 people per session.
Menu and Dietary Restrictions

For Afternoon Tea, you will have two flavors of scones, three different tea sandwiches, and three different petite desserts with a shared pot of tea.

For Dinner, we will be serving a spaghetti dinner with meatballs, salad and dessert. Beverages will be Sweet or Unsweetened Tea, and Water. There will be a cash bar for Sangria and Whiskey.

If you are vegetarian, we can accommodate your dietary needs. If you are gluten-free, sugar-free, or dairy-free, we will not be able to accommodate your needs.


Advance Tickets – Purchased on or before March 21st – Afternoon Tea and Gallery Reading – $90 per person
Advance Tickets – Purchased on or before March 21st – Dinner and Gallery Reading – $90 per person
Tickets – Purchased after March 21st – Afternoon Tea and Gallery Reading Only – $100 per person
Tickets – Purchased on or before March 21st – Dinner and Gallery Reading – $100 per person


Tickets are non-refundable.