Get a Clue Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt and Chili Cook Off

Get a Clue
A Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt and Chili Cook Off
Saturday, February 19th
4pm to 9pm

Miss Scarlet in the Ballroom with the Dagger. Or was it Colonel Mustard in the Hall with the Wrench? We all know this childhood game and have spent many family nights solving the mysteries.
Belle Grove Plantation is taking it to the next level!

No dices to roll, no moving around a board. Team up with one of our characters and find the clues to solve the mystery. Our Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt will not only take place at Belle Grove Plantation, but clues will be located throughout the King George and Carolina County.

Are you a real character? Be a character for our Murder Mystery!
Characters available are:

Miss Scarlet

Miss Scarlet is a madam who operates an illegal brothel and escort service in Washington, D.C. She has dirt on most of Washington’s power players. This is the only way for her to stay in business. But in recent years, she has become greedy and has been blackmailing most of Washington.

Professor Plum

Professor Plum is an Experimental Physicist Genius with an ago to match. He loves nothing better than to prove others wrong. He has made it his life mission to prove that Mr. Green is a complete fraud. Professor Plum has one weakness, Miss Scarlet. He spends his down time at her brothel until she got tired of his “checking out the goods, but not making any purchases”.

Mrs. Peacock

Mrs. Peacock is the wife of a senator who has accepted bribes to deliver her husband’s vote. However, she claims she is innocent and she must pay blackmail money to avoid the story being used for a political witch hunt. Mrs. White and Mrs. Peacock do not get along. They see each other at Washington DC Social Parties and spend most of the time spreading lies about each other.

Mr. Green

Mr. Green is an environmentalist physicist who makes his living in finding ways to stop global warming. His new book, “It’s True”, is on the New York Best Seller List and talks about how global warming is destroying the world. Professor Plum has made it his mission to proof that global warming is a crock. Professor Plum has recently found out that Mr. Green isn’t much of an environmentalist in his own life and is just riding the current trend to make a profit.

Colonel Mustard

Colonel Mustard works at the Pentagon and is the President’s advisor on the Middle East. He is being blackmailed for scandalous pictures with one of Miss Scarlet’s employees. Early in his career, he was a war profiteer who made his money from taking bribes and underwriting over prices parts for the military.

Mrs. White

Mrs. White is the wife of a senator who is considering a run for the White House. The senator is her second husband and they have only been married for a short time. Her first husband, a physicist died in Miss Scarlet’s brothel under suspicious circumstances. What no know knows with the exception of Miss Scarlet is Mrs. White once worked for Miss Scarlet. This is where she met her second husband.

To Play a Character

To play a character, we ask that you use your imagination on the dress and personality. You will be giving a speech in character. All expenses for your character’s dress are up to you and will not be reimbursed by Belle Grove Plantation. You must be fully committed to coming before taking a character.

Chili Cook Off

During the Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt, we will hold our first Chili Cook Off. Do you have an award-winning chili recipe? Cook up your best and bring it to our Murder Mystery and let us be the judge! We will also allow those attending the Murder Mystery to vote for their favorite and award a “Peoples Choice”.

We will have 3 judges for the contest and will award the following:
1st Place Winner – $100 and trophy
2nd Place Winner – $50 and trophy
3rd Place Winner – $25 and trophy
People’s Choice Winner – One Free Overnight Stay at Belle Grove
Chili Cook Off Rules

1. To Enter the Chili Cook Off, “purchase” a free Chili Cook Off Ticket. By “purchasing” this free Chili Cook Off Ticket we will register you as a participating recipe.

2. No entry fee required.

3. Chili must be homemade. No can chili at this contest.

4. Chili can be either meat-based or meatless.

5. Chili must not be 5 alarm chili. No ghost peppers please!

6. You must bring it in a crockpot to keep it warm throughout the day.

7. You need to make at least 10 service for judges and guests to try.

8. Belle Grove will provide sides such as cornbread or crackers and beverages. Belle Grove will also provide the paper products.


Character Ticket – If you purchase a character ticket you must commit to play this character – $5.00
Advance Ticket – Purchased on or before January 19th – $35 per person
Ticket – Purchased after January 19th – $40 per person


Cancellation – Tickets may be refunded in full up to January 19th. After January 19th tickets are non-refundable.


If the weather does not allow for travel, we will reschedule at a later date or issue a rain check.