The Sights and Sounds of Belle Grove

19/03/14 4:03 PM

Just before our “Happy Birthday President Madison” event, one of our followers asked if we could video tape some of the event so those who weren’t close enough to enjoy it, could experience the fun as well.

Well we heard your request and asked our photographer, Dawn Gardner of DG Photography if she could video tape some of the event so we could share it. What a great photographer we had! She had already planned on doing so! Great minds do think alike.

So here is what Dawn has put together for us to share!

We hope you will enjoy it! It was an amazing event with John Douglas Hall as President James Madison and Dr. Lynn Uzzell as Dolley Madison. We hope to have them return again soon and hope next time, you can join us for the fun!



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One Comment on “The Sights and Sounds of Belle Grove”

  1. Cheryl Townshend Says:

    I was disappointed not to be able to be present for this occasion, but the quality of this presentation males me feel as though I was one of the guests, after all. Thank you for this gift for those of us who love history.