New Video of Belle Grove Plantation

26/06/12 11:08 PM

We have just added a new video of Belle Grove Plantation on our Indiegogo site!

See what it is like driving up to this beautiful 221 year old Virginia Plantation!

Watch for “Dolley” our resident osprey to fly over the main house! 

If you can, please consider contributing to our campaign to save these priceless treasures of American history!

Check back for Tomorrows post ~ Family Feud!

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15 Comments on “New Video of Belle Grove Plantation”

  1. Hi Michelle, I just viewed the new video of Belle Grove Plantation on your Indiegogo site! Great job! I hop that you will be successful with the restoration campaign!

  2. Thank you! We appreciate you viewing it and visiting our Indiegogo site!

  3. I’ve spent the morning (its 11am here in Scotland) getting lost in your blog and really ought to get on with things now! The house and outbuildings are amazing, and you are taking on a true challenge to give them a viable future. I originally trained as an archaeologist and worked extensively on buildings archaeology, houses of a similar age to this one, here in Scotland. I’m looking forward to following more of your story and am glad you found my blog, because otherwise I wouldn’t have found yours!

  4. Thank you! I would love to come to Scotland some day! Brett has been to England a few times, but it is my goal to see the whole island one day! We can’t wait to start landscaping so we can find more history! We will get it posted as soon as possible 🙂 Just remember to get some sleep!

  5. Love Dolley!

  6. She is precious. We’re hoping to see and hear some babies up there in the nest soon.

  7. Awesome!

  8. Great video. What a wonderful peace of history you guys have. Good luck with making it a bed and breakfast. I’m sure it will be a success!

  9. Thank you Ashley!

  10. Tim Shey Says:

    Belle Grove Plantation looks like a very beautiful place to visit.

  11. It is beautiful and we’re working to ensure that it stays beautiful. Hope you will be able to visit one day!

  12. What an absolutely amazingly beautiful place you have here! Where about is it located??

  13. It is in Virginia, about 20 minutes south of Fredericksburg. It is a beautiful place! Thank you for your interest!

  14. thebeadden Says:

    I loved the video!

  15. Thank you! It’s our first try at it, so I wasn’t too sure if it would come out well.