Hurley Playing Snowball

26/01/13 12:19 PM

This morning Brett and Hurley ventured out into the snow and cold.

Hurley loves playing ball, even if it is a snowball!

Snow in Chesapeake

Snow in Chesapeake























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63 Comments on “Hurley Playing Snowball”

  1. John Says:

    So sweet! Aren’t dogs just so much fun in the snow? Catch that ball of ice and eat it!

  2. Thank you! Yes, Hurley makes snow so much fun!

  3. marydpierce Says:

    I love Hurley! Thanks for sharing him with all of us. 🙂

  4. Hurley says thank you and you are welcome! 🙂

  5. Hurley pics make me happy. My cousins in Richmond have snow. Take care in the cold and have fun! Love to Hurley as always.

  6. Hurley says thank you! He says he hopes to see you and yours at the plantation to play some day!

  7. tpartridge1 Says:

    How cute!

  8. Hurley says thank you!

  9. themondaybox Says:

    I never knew that dogs turned gray until our beloved deep red golden, just like your Hurley, started turning gray around his eyes like a raccoon mask, then down to his nose. It started when he was about 6 but nobody could tell from his behavior that he wasn’t a puppy until age 13! Goldens are the best!

  10. We totally agree! We have seen the same with Hurley. He is now 8 years. But is all puppy… wait, he thinks he is one of the kids 😉

  11. Rusha Sams Says:

    Great winter fun pictures! Next thing you know, he’ll be building a snow dog!

  12. Hurley says thank you! I think if we tried to build a snow dog, Hurley would crash into it playing. 😉

  13. Sandy Says:

    I love the pictures! Hurley is so sweet. Don’t you just love dogs?

  14. Hurley says thank you! Yes we do!

  15. sarahlouisek Says:

    That’s hilarious, the way he catches the snowball in his mouth and feels it turn into snow dust. Love It!

  16. Hurley says thank you!

  17. Angeline M Says:

    Love that last photo! 🙂

  18. Hurley says thank you!

  19. Your puppy is beautiful!

  20. Hurley says thank you!

  21. Love the Hurley. 🙂

  22. Hurley says thank you!

  23. mizqui Says:

    Hurley is absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful coat.

  24. Hurley says thank you! Yes, we love his coat too!

  25. Lynda Says:

    What is it about dogs and snow? (mine snap at snowflakes and then root through it like pigs looking for truffles) This photo sequence is awesome! LOL!

  26. Hurley says thank you! Hurley doesn’t snap at snowflakes but does root like a pig!

  27. vanbraman Says:

    Just think how much more room he will have to play in next year :-).

  28. I am afraid to think about that! We will never find him if he really runs off!

  29. Sarah Says:

    You have a great dog there – so much enthusiasm for playing!

  30. Hurley says thank you!

  31. These are so great! Hurley just makes me giggle and smile.

  32. Hurley says thank you and you are so welcome!

  33. terry1954 Says:

    those were so cute, thanks for sharing with me

  34. Hurley says thank you and you are welcome!

  35. We knew, here in Australia, that Golden retrievers have an utter fascination with water. Now I see that it matters not whether it is frozen or fluid. Love Hurley!

  36. Hurley says thank you! That is so true! He loves the snow or the pool. He even gets his own ice from the door front of the refrigerator!

  37. Jen Says:

    These are such fun to see. Glad Hurley is enjoying the snow!

  38. Hurley says thank you!

  39. jmount43 Says:

    He looks like he’s having a blast! Hurley sure has him trained really well! 🙂

  40. Hurley says thank you! And he says yes he does!

  41. jmount43 Says:

    Lol! Tell Hurley I said you’re welcome!

  42. adinparadise Says:

    What lovely fun pics. 🙂

  43. Hurley says thank you!

  44. Dianna Says:

    Great pictures!! Now – truthfully – who had more fun: Brett or Hurley??

  45. I think it was equal in fun 😉 Thank you!

  46. These picture of Hurley made me smile! 🙂 He looks like he’s having so much fun!

  47. Hurley says thank you! He likes to make people smile 🙂

  48. colmel Says:

    Hurley is just fantastic! what a great dog! Love, love, love the photos!

  49. Hurley says thank you!

  50. Hurley is so gorgeous, he looks so happy too!

  51. Hurley says thank you!

  52. dcwisdom Says:

    That Hurley’s a dude!

  53. Yes he is!

  54. The beauty is that Golden Retrievers love you (and everyone, really) unconditionally and utterly. They are a fabulous role model for humanity but far too few ever take any notice. I could be happy spending my life throwing balls for Hurley and all his kind. Way better than the rate race to which almost all of us are so completely committed. Bloody mortgages!

  55. Thank you David! That is so true!

  56. PS: dcwisdom has got it spot on: that Hurley’s a dude! Yea, Hurley!

  57. Haha Hurley says thank you!

  58. The Hook Says:

    Great shots!

  59. Hurley says Thank you!

  60. rosekat08 Says:

    We are finally getting a good snow where I live and I can’t wait to take my beagle for a romp. These are adorable pictures!

  61. Thank you! Hurley says thank you too! 😉

  62. It seems like just yesterday we were seeing handsome Hurley playing in the leaves in that same spot. Looks like he can expect more snow in the next few days! Sadly, just rain for me . . . boo hoo.

  63. Oh no, no snow here anytime soon. Just rain too. It really sad not to have the white stuff to play in!