You Be the Judge

23/01/13 10:13 PM

They are giving away the Key to the Courthouse!

No, it’s not a building or even a new job…

Flowers by Chikpea

Flowers by Chikpea

It’s a Bridal Expo!

What better way for a future bride and her family to spend a cold Sunday afternoon than to come to the Old Manassas Courthouse in Manassas, Virginia and enjoy the warmth of hospitality this event has to offer!

While Belle Grove Plantation won’t be there to exhibit this time

we will be there to enjoy meeting new vendors!

In fact one of our own selected vendors will be there!

Chikpea Graphics and Weddings


You may remember Chikpea with its team of Raygan and Brigitte! As the graphic design side of Chikpea, Raygan will be showing off her newest designs in invitation and stationary needs. Florist, Brigitte will be there to show off her artist designs in bouquets and flowers for every occasion!

Raygan Ketterer

Raygan Ketterer

Brigitte Morrow

Brigitte Morrow

This event is called

Key to the Courthouse Local Wedding Showcase

It is being hosted by Davis and Talley Events and Designs and the Prince William County Division of Historic Preservation.

Wedding Event Host

You will have an opportunity to chat with knowledgeable exhibitors while sipping on a mimosa and getting ideas for your special day.

Flowers by Chikpea

Flowers by Chikpea

There will be local vendors, consultations, entertainment, tasting tables and more!

Admission is Free!

They will also be giving away prizes every hour.

Door Prizes include

Date Night Giveaway, Girls-Night-In Basket, Pretty Paper Kits,

In-Shape Inspiration and Wedding Mini-Library!

Old Manassas Court House

Old Manassas Court House

This event will be held in

the Historic Old Manassas Courthouse

located at 9246 Lee Avenue, Manassas, Virginia.

The event is from 1pm to 5pm.

For more information, check out their website at:

Come out and join us!

We would love to meet you in person!

Flowers by Chikpea

Flowers by Chikpea

We hope to see you there!

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20 Comments on “You Be the Judge”

  1. terry1954 Says:

    have a lot of fun going to this. Look at all the new people you will meet drawing more business to you!!!!

  2. Thank you! I am hoping to meet more vendors too. It will make it so much more easy for us to see them face to face and to gathering information. I need to do this more often!

  3. Fabulous! What an opportunity for you. The photos you displayed are very nice. Gorgeous wedding flowers.

  4. Thank you! They are all from our vendor Chikpea! I think we found a great one!

  5. Wish I could come. I love all things wedding. I love all weddings, simple, formal, off-beat. I love them all.

  6. Maybe you should come back to Virginia and be a wedding planner! 😉

  7. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. 🙂

  9. Nativegrl77 Says:

    one of my first thoughts … dang, a venue with so many possibilities

  10. Yes but a great place to network! 😉

  11. Brigitte Says:

    See you there!!!

  12. I look forward to it!

  13. Raygan Says:

    So excited to see you, Michelle! I’m excited for you to make some connections and see some great wedding vendors!

  14. Thank you Raygan! I can’t wait to see you both and see this wonderful old courthouse!

  15. I have truly enjoyed following the Bella Grove Plantation’s development, it is beautiful. Although I am in Illinois, I would love to talk to you about eco-friendly options for wedding favors. We also provide personalized organic soaps for local Green Certified hotels in our area & would love to discuss those as well. If you’re interested please email me at– you can check out our site too:

  16. We would love to hear about it! If you would like, please email us at and we can look into it with you!

  17. iknead2knit Says:

    Thanks for reading.

  18. You are so welcome! I am so far behind in my reading though! Thank you so for stopping by!

  19. Wow, how exciting for you. Almost makes me wish I was planning a wedding…..almost. Dianne

  20. Haha.. If you were, I know of a great to have it! 😉