The Weekend is Here!

17/08/12 10:17 PM

Well, the weekend is here and I bet you are wondering, “Where are they going this weekend?” Well, we are excited to tell you that we are returning to our favorite plantation, Belle Grove! We haven’t been there in about a month and we are really starting to miss it! We are going to head up there on Saturday morning. While we are there, we are going to do some more pictures and maybe even some videos. We haven’t been there since we videotaped the “Babies” (our ospreys) so we don’t know if they are still there or not. But we will find out tomorrow!

After we spend some time at the plantation, we are going to head into Fredericksburg. Believe it or not, we have never been into the historic part of town and we are looking forward to seeing what Fredericksburg has to offer! I have been working on the Civil War posting (coming next) and with the research; I have now become interested in seeing it for real!

I have to laugh about the Civil War posting. I had hoped to have it posted by Wednesday this week, but it just didn’t happen. I am not as familiar with the Civil War period, so I had to do some research and reading. So the more I read, the more I wanted to look into it deeper. So I got lost in research… well you understand. It happens every time.

We are going to be staying at a Bed and Breakfast, no hotels for us! So we look forward to showing you a new place. We are also going to have to stop by some of the antique shops and restaurants in Fredericksburg so we can tell you where to go when you stop by our plantation! We are very excited!

Sunday we will be back at the plantation to meet with a couple who will be getting married soon. Their family has ties to the area and to Belle Grove. We are excited to meet them! Then our daughter will arrive with her boyfriend and our plantation dog, Hurley! So more picture of Hurley when we get home!

This weekend is going to be wonderful! I don’t think I will sleep well tonight. The “electric charge” I get when we go to the plantation has already arrived and I know my heart is just going to jump when we see it as we across over the James Madison Bridge!

Belle Grove at twilight

Have a great weekend and check Facebook for updates on our stay!

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17 Comments on “The Weekend is Here!”

  1. terry1954 Says:

    can’t wait to hear about the weekend and see what u saw

  2. We can’t wait to tell you! Have a good weekend. Be on the lookout for the mail on Monday! 🙂

  3. R B Clark Says:

    I look forward to hearing about Fredricksburg.

    Speaking of the Civil War, I just finished my Battle of Shiloh Reenactment Documentary. It has some amazing video and photos and tells the story of the reenactment and weaves the history in at the same time. Please check out it out.

  4. Thank you! I think after all this Civil War research and reading, I should be better in tune with this period! Thank you for sharing!

  5. hoogator Says:

    I totally know what it’s like to get caught up in research, particularly on something you’re wildly interested in. Helps to keep the excitement fresh. Have a great weekend!

  6. Thank you! I am glad I am not the only one! I hope to have some good stuff after this weekend! Have a great weekend too!

  7. Dianna Says:

    Gorgeous picture of the house in twilight. Enjoy your weekend!

  8. Thank you! It was so beautiful. I hope you survived the micro-burst in Smithfield!

  9. Dianna Says:

    It was in the development right across the street from our shop! But we didn’t have any damage, and thankfully, no one was hurt.

  10. Enjoy the weekend – we look forward to following along 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  11. Thank you! It was a great weekend! Just posted the info!

  12. George Says:

    It sounds as if you’re going to have a great weekend. I’ve always wanted to visit Fredericksburg, but I haven’t made it yet. I completely understand getting lost in your Civil War research — it still happens to me after all these years. Your twilight photo is wonderful.

  13. Thank you! We just posted our trip info so you can come along for the trip! I would highly recommend a visit to Fredericksburg! It would be so worth your time!

  14. So lovely at nightfall!

  15. It was one of the times I got to see it at twilight. It was so beautiful, but night was even better! We had a full moon that night and it bathed the house in light. It was just breath taking!

  16. Jennifer Lay Says:

    Thank you SOOOOOO much for sharing Belle Grove with us on Sunday! It is absolutely stunning and I can’t wait to see it once everything is set up and ready to go!!! We cannot wait to visit there again soon!

  17. We are so glad you had a chance to come by and see it! It is so cool meeting past family members that are connected to Belle Grove Plantation!